Cloud Storage is Good

5 Reasons Why Cloud Storage is Good for Business


The Cloud is one of the most ubiquitous technologies in today’s society. Everything from social media to emails, and much more, is powered by Cloud Technology. One of the most useful solutions that businesses can utilize in their organisation is Cloud Storage. This refers to the ability to store all kinds of data over a network, using logical pools supported by servers, or datacentres – this is the basic infrastructure of the Cloud, and it has drastically transformed information and communication technology over the last decade. Often businesses choose to partner with an IT support company to help them adopt Cloud Storage, and the most common type of Cloud Storage is with a Public Cloud – this means the service is provided by a company like Microsoft, Google, or Dropbox.

TechQuarters provides managed IT support London businesses need in order to set themselves up with Cloud technology. They described some of the top reasons why Cloud Storage is an ideal solution for businesses.

Cost Efficiency & Scalability

Most businesses consider moving to the Cloud owing to the available cost savings. Where businesses used to invest in large physical data storage arrays – much more than their actual storage needs – in order to have enough storage for the future, they can now pay only for the storage they are using in real-time. This is possible because Cloud Storage highly scalable – service providers have already done the work of investing and building vast storage arrays that have more than enough capacity for the thousands of customers they have – this means there’s plenty of capacity to spare, and as a business, one can simply scale up their usage of the Cloud Storage.

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Ease of Use

Once again, businesses will see advantages from the work their Cloud Storage service provider has already done. Unlike physical storage arrays, businesses will not need to perform any lengthy setups or installations when they use Cloud Storage. Additionally, all software installation and setup is also taken care of for the customer.

As mentioned above, the Cloud is very easily scalable, so it is easy to setup oneself up with more or less storage capacity relative to organizational demands. What is more, employees will also enjoy the ease of use of the Cloud – because all company data is stored centrally over a network, it becomes very easy for employees to access all the files, applications, and data they need for work.

Storage Capacity

As mentioned above, Cloud Storage is virtually limitless, owing to the fact that service providers like Microsoft have large budgets dedicated to building and maintaining storage arrays across many regions of the world. The Cloud makes it easy for a business to upgrade their usage and get much more storage capacity, for a relatively small increase in price. Cloud service providers ensure that their datacentres are running the most up-to-date software, and that the data is being stored in the most efficient way.


Cloud Storage is also a great gateway into the field of business automation. Automation refers to the use of software and machines to perform repetitive tasks or processes, so that staff can focus their energies on other work that cannot be performed purely by a computer program. As an IT services company London-based businesses have trusted for a long time, TechQuarters has much experience with business automation and Cloud technology. They agree that this is an excellent solution for businesses, because it makes processes more efficient, and the business as a whole more productive, as they can get more done.

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Business Agility

In a more traditional office, employee’s applications, files, and data would always be tethered to their desktop computers. With Cloud Storage, all of a company’s resources can be stored over a network, meaning users can access everything they need for work, 24-hours a day, and from anywhere in the world, provided that they have a decent internet connection. As has also been mentioned, Cloud Storage also enables businesses to scale their usage up and down. All of this and more contributes to a business becoming more agile and flexible.

The quality of business agility describes how adaptable a business is in the face of changes – such as changes to the market, changes in customer habits and trends, or even changes to the world, like with the onset of COVID-19. A business needs to adopt an agile model in order to adapt to the rapidly changing business world, and part of that strategy should involve Cloud Storage. The access and flexibility it provides companies is key for businesses wanting to move quickly and adapt.

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