Timeless Wedding Trends

5 Timeless Wedding Trends For Savvy Couples


Everyone wants a wedding that’s exquisite and memorable. When it comes to your wedding day, you’d want a memory that lasts a lifetime—something that in 20 or 30 years down the road will still bring out that flutter of love and joy in your stomach. So, how do you go about planning that perfect wedding? With a plethora of beautiful pictures smartly taken to stir your imagination, you might be at risk of planning a wedding that has been replicated many times over by others with Timeless Wedding Trends.

Surely, you’d like to have a wedding that stands the test of time yet speaks uniquely about you and your partner. Here are five timeless wedding trends and ideas you could use to build that magical wedding day of yours:

5 Timeless Wedding Trends For Savvy Couples
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  1. The Ultimate Proposal

Your wedding starts not on the day of your matrimony, but on the day of your proposal. This is a significant day. You’re telling yourself, your partner, and the world that you’re ready to enter into the next phase of your relationship.

When to pop the ‘Will you marry me?’ is all about the right place and time. Perhaps you’ve browsed the internet on proposal trends for 2022 and find the information overwhelming. The best way to propose is to create something significant for both of you.

To make things easy, consider the following ideas: 

  • Do Something Meaningful Together

A beautiful memory is built on something meaningful. Why not do something together which matters most to both of you? During the most unsuspecting time, pop your question.

  • Revisit Your Favorite Place

Every couple has a special place that serves them beautiful memories. One romantic gesture you can make is to revisit that place where it’ll bring back all the sweet memories you’ve built together.

  • Involve Others

Planning a proposal can sometimes be daunting. Involve close friends and family members to support the planning and execution. It’s always a joyous moment when you have people to celebrate this momentous day together. They’ll also give you the encouragement boost needed if you have the last-minute jitters.

  1. Flowers

You can’t go wrong with flowers on your wedding day. From the table centerpieces to bridal corsages, flowers create an atmosphere of elegance, youth, and sensuality. 

Choosing the right flowers with the right tone is crucial. However, why not also include the meaning of the flowers to help you make an informed decision? Besides red roses, here are seven popular wedding flowers which you can consider:

  • Baby’s Breath

Dubbed as the flower of festivities, these tiny flowers may seem unassuming. However, they’re wildly popular in the wedding scene. You can often find them playing the supporting role to main flowers. However, it can also stand as a unique bouquet on its own. 

  • Daffodils

Daffodils bloom in the springtime. Like spring that denotes a new beginning, this plant stands for a new beginning. It’s the perfect representation for a newlywed. 

  • Gerbera

This flower comes in different hues of orange, yellow, and red. With its multi-color of sunshine, it’s no wonder that gerbera stands for cheerfulness. 

  • Iris

It’s named after the Greek goddess of the rainbow, Iris. When you choose iris as the main flower on your wedding day, you’re essentially declaring that faith, wisdom, and valor represent your marriage.

  • Lily

White lilies are popular in the wedding scene. They symbolize modesty and virginity. Meanwhile, yellow lilies represent gaiety and orange lilies represent passion.

  • Peony

Peonies are known for their large fluffy petals, which ignite a sense of romance. This lush flower symbolizes happy marriage and is ideal as a statement piece in your wedding. 

  • Sunflowers

This is another wedding favorite. Sunflowers are both great as a bridal bouquet as well as centerpieces. They symbolize dedicated love. Its large yellow blooms will brighten up any wedding venue.

One thing to take note of is that flowers come in seasons. Getting flowers off-season can be expensive. So, before you make a decision on your flower selection, be sure to find out whether the flowers will be available on your wedding day.

  1. Neutral Palettes
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Neutral colors have always been a classic choice to bring out the dreamy vibe. This can be the foundation for the rest of your design. Colors like white, off-white, nude, and timber tones are good basic colors to build on. Use these colors for the linens and furniture before adding enhancing tones to your overall setting.

  1. Fairy Lights And Candles

Having the right lighting on your wedding day will enhance the atmosphere. Fairy lights and candles are a staple in most weddings. They bring out the warmth and create a romantic ambiance.

There are countless ways you can use fairy lights and candles to light up that dreamland wedding venue of yours. You can string the lights around tree trunks or hang a curtain of string lights over the dining area. You can also be creative with candles. Besides the usual tealight candles on the dining tables, use candles of varying heights as statement pieces around the wedding ground.

  1. Personalize Your Day

What’s counted as timeless should have your mark on it. After all, it’s one of the most important days of your life. With this, customize it according to your preferences.

This can range from personalized invitation cards to placing a favorite food item, which both of you enjoy on the wedding menu. What about preparing door gifts with both your initials on them for your guests to take home? The point is to style your wedding with meaningful personalized details that all who participated in your wedding will surely enjoy and appreciate.


Trends may come and go. To make it timeless wedding trends, you’ll need to consider what matters most to you and your partner. Remember, this wedding day is about the two of you. Bringing together beautiful memories and integrating them into your wedding day is an excellent way to make it extra special. At the end of the day, what matters most is your happiness. Consider the ideas mentioned here are Timeless Wedding Trends as you plan and prepare.

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