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Staying in Mumbai city and looking for a Invisalign in Mumbai itself? 

Well, there is no need to search because we have the right celebrity dentist for you. Right here at Invisible Braces clinic, Santacruz, Mumbai.He goes by the name of Dr. Jignesh Kothari. 

To throw light on his work from many years, Dr. Kothari has made his way to the top of the list by achieving many awards and titles. He also grabbed a place on the Miss Femina India panel to treat participants for gaining perfect smiles. 

This has paid off due to his hard work and true passion for the dentistry field.Dr. is a leading orthodontist and dentist in this field. 

Along with being a celebrity dentist, Dr. Jignesh is also a leading doctor for Invisalign in Mumbai.

He is also well-known for treating patients for Invisalign, a cosmetic dentistry procedure that involves the fixture of clear aligners to help position the teeth in the right place. 

When it comes to Invisalign:

  • Dr. is the best and most experienced provider of Invisalign in whole of India since 2012. 
  • The first doctor from India whose cases was accepted for the International Invisalign Global Gallery. 
  • In India, a key opinion leader for Invisalign.
  • A Diamond Invisalign provider (having treated 300 patients for Invisalign) with top class orthodontic practice. 
  • Guides and conducts workshops and study clubs for upcoming orthodontists on the Invisalign system along with treatments. 

Invisalign is so popular nowadays, practically everyone with teeth alignment and related issues is undergoing this procedure. 

Under the guidance of the best doctor for Invisalign, you are under no pressure or stress because it fits into your daily lifestyle easily. Being invisible in nature, these clear braces are an excellent option for adults and teens, even children who don’t want others to be aware that they are working on straightening their teeth.

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Also many patients who travel frequently and don’t have time to visit the dentist often opt for Invisalign. 

Invisalign for teeth alignment and straightening is such a process that needs proper knowledge and right information on whether or not to opt for it. Just knowing the cost of Invisalign isn’t enough. You should know about all the do’s and don’ts that go into it. 

This treatment is more comfortable and doesn’t cause pain or scrapes like other orthodontic treatments. The aligner trays are easily removable making brushing, flossing and eating very convenient. You can easily go about your daily work with no discomfort, quite normally. 

Allow Invisalign to help you align your teeth thus helping you bite properly and smile widely. But after Dr. Jignesh Kothari, the best celebrity dentist in Mumbai, works on your case and starts treating you for Invisalign, it doesn’t mean it’s over.

This is when your job begins. You need to be disciplined and regular in keeping up with instructions given to you. 

By visiting Dr. Kothari for Invisalign in Mumbai, you need to keep the trays in your mouth for 20-22hours daily. By doing so, you will have a successful Invisalign treatment by the time you reach the end. 

We don’t promise you complete pain free procedure because there is slight discomfort but it isn’t as much as metal braces. Overtime, the pain fades after you get adjusted to it. Follow everything told to you, to the tea and you will gain results sooner than you think. Invisalign is a one-time investment although the price is higher than the other treatments. 

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Get started on your Invisalign treatment with celebrity dentist, Dr. Jignesh Kothari right here in Mumbai.

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