Cyber Security and some best Online Courses to Learn


Are you looking to safeguard your company’s digital assets or thinking of a career in cybersecurity? Well! A cybersecurity course can assist you in gaining mastery of the subject.

Indian companies, whether it is larger or smaller, are always in search of competent cybersecurity professionals for augmenting their digital infrastructure. They want to protect their data from all kinds of uninvited intrusions. Even with the availability of a large number of cybersecurity professionals, there are so many vacancies in the country where recruiters face difficulty finding the right person for the position.

As per the reports, because of the growing cyber-attacks and need for data protection laws, it is expected that around 1 million jobs will be created in India by the year 2025. So, this is the right time and a grand opportunity for individuals interested in cybersecurity to opt for lucrative career options.

Companies are also desperate to hire people and are offering an attractive pay scale with tremendous growth opportunities. But a lot of upskilling is required. As per cybersecurity course eligibility, a degree in any one of the following will help an aspirant to become a successful professional:

  • Computer science
  • Network and Security
  • Network and engineering
  • IT
  • Forensic computing

To upskill, you need to enroll in one of the top cybersecurity courses. With so many cybersecurity online courses, it isn’t easy to choose one. Here are some of the best to learn in 2021:

This course covers all fundamental blocks of the required skill. You will get a good idea of threats and vulnerability landscape with the help of threat modeling and assessment of finding risk. It starts with some of the basic concepts and then moves to advanced concepts. You get a chance to master protection against phishing, voicing, engineering threats, and other identity theft.

  • Cybersecurity for Managers by MIT Management Executive Education

The course aims at persons in managerial positions in any organization and covers all essential concepts about how managers can contribute to the maintenance of the company’s cybersecurity. In the course, you learn about the security framework of companies and get familiar with the technical jargon needed to make communication in this area. The total duration of the course is six weeks.

3.Postgraduate programs in Cybersecurity by MIT Schwarzman College of computing

This is a professional cybersecurity course crafted to assist you in getting equipped with all the latest skills needed in this rapidly growing sector of cybersecurity. Created by MIT Schwarzman, the cybersecurity course syllabus will help you learn various approaches like mitigation and risk analysis, security based on cloud that can protect your infrastructure and safeguard your data. You will get access to various video lectures, EC council learnings, and some hands-on projects during the course. The duration of the course is about six months.

4.Complete CS course: Network security by Station X

If you have a dream to become a cybersecurity specialist, then this online cybersecurity course will assist you on the path to achieve that.  You will get to learn the configuration of the firewalls on every platform and under every scenario. You will get access to 105 lectures and full-time access to resources, and 1 article in the whole course. The total duration of the course is 12.5 hours.

5.Cybersecurity training for business by University of Colorado through Coursera

With the increase in data breaches, it is essential to protect data. This cybersecurity course assists you to demystify the aspects of data security, recognize the potential threats that exist to your business and learn how to protect your data and system. 

6.Coursera’s cybersecurity course from NYU

This course will help you learn how to develop a deep understanding of the latest information and protection technology. These specialization categories in 4 studies teach you theoretically and input a lifelong passion for the subject. This is one of the best courses if you are looking for IT security certifications for Beginners. You get to learn about some of the real-time cyber threat detection and mitigation.

7.The complete CS course: Endpoint protection by Station X

This certification covers all techniques for endpoint protection on all primary operating systems. Moreover, you will also master the execution of dial encryption technology, have a thorough knowledge of next-generation antivirus solutions, and detect threats. You will study various technologies provided by endpoint protection software, learn about deception and detection techniques. You will receive 176 lectures along with full-time access. The total duration of the course is 16.5 hours.

 So, what are you waiting for? Go and explore the vast world of cybersecurity and acquire all skills to remain safe yourselves and your companies as well!

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