9 Morning Routines to kick start the day in a healthy way


Ever wondered when you wake up on a bright sunny day and your body feels not up to the mark shouting out from inside that your lazy let’s lay back and relax. Well, this is the point where you need to shut that part out and go with your instincts instead. To counter this issue which is common for people of all classes we’ll show you today just the perfect morning routines to kickstart your day.

Now as opposed to all the ideas you may have to see nor gotten from movies or drama series. The reality is often different in our world. As your mornings now have just become a ritual to press the alarm snooze button and then have a feeling of regret in heart for watching Netflix last night. That’s true as we don’t want to snatch our body away onto the cold floor and kickstart our day but we hide under covers to somehow temporarily get more sleep before reality knocks us out on our backs.

Moving on, while in our blog you’ll find the most trusted morning routines to kickstart your day there will be a few rules you would need to take serious account for. One of the important amongst them is your sleeping patterns! And going to bed early rather than late! Before stressing more on this which I’ll do down below. Let’s dive down onto the main stuff we have gathered for you people to make the most of your morning.

1. Go to bed early rather than late!

As touched above, sleeping patterns are a crucial aspect to make out how your mornings will turn out to be the next day. It is always advised by doctors and physicians that you should go to sleep early at a decent time so you get up the next day feeling at peace, calm and fresh. As opposed to waking up late, all stubborn, lazy, and groggy. You seriously would hate that phase, won’t you? And as will your coworkers, your friends, and your loved ones.

So, from now one, start with this little change and kindly adjust your sleeping patterns asap! If you want to get out of this misery right now.

2. Keep your smartphones or other gadgets at a distance

Waking up is about spending loving and quality time with your family and kids and not about laying in the bed scrolling through your social media feed. Yuck! That’s not advised for a healthy morning routine. Just no to that! So as a countermeasure its good if you place your phone in a cupboard or on the dining table before sleeping so that distraction stays as far away from you as possible.

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3. Keep your curtains open!

Take this as a friendly tip or a morning routine suggestion. But this fact is proven by science itself. Hear us out, the human body has a particular skill where it is able to easily recognize when its day or night. Only If there weren’t curtains or blinds blocking the sunlight or providing.

Similarly, during the night your body releases the sleep chemical which tells your body to relax and sleep. So, to prevent oversleeping and getting up alert and fresh do opt for opening your curtains or blinds when you wake up. Doing this would instruct your brain to get ready for your day!

4. Hydrate yourself

Early in the mornings, it’s a common-sense that your body is thirsty for any fluid it can receive. It needs water or orange juice or anything full of nutrients. Since it been some long hours where it been without any water. So, when you wake up, the first thing to do is to drink a reasonable glass of water settle down to take some breaths and then start about on the next thing which we’ll tell below.

5. Workout/Exercise

This point many of you may already know and heard about but it still deserves its place in our cute morning list. Now spend the next couple of minutes approx. around 30 mins on your physical health and do your favorite exercise in your home. Otherwise, grab your keys and make a trip to your gym and do some squats, pushups, or bench-presses whatever starts your day my friend! If you have the facility then besides working out, another amazing thing could be to take a swim in your pool. Make a lap or two and then see how reenergized you are.

Or if it’s feasible to you and you have a habit then we’d suggest taking a jog outside around the woods. Oh God! Since trust me, there are a few things you’ll love about the mornings than having that feeling of you running around in a calm atmosphere, In the woods with nothing but nature around you. This particular routine will make you believe more in yourself, give you time to organize and manage your thoughts as it does with me, and also help you to plan your day out in advance.

6. Try yoga or stretching out


Somewhat related to its predecessor point. There are also a significant number of people who would prefer this technique as an alternative to exercises and there is totally nothing wrong with it. If you’re a beginner you can start with a 10-15 minutes yoga session and later on when you start loving it you can take it to 30-60 minutes. More on, afterward when you enjoy the benefits of yoga and we know you will start looking forward to it every morning.

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7. Make a to-do list

If you want to get ahead with your day being organized and tidy its always a good practice to make a to-do list on a sticky note or on your phone. This way you know what to expect of your day and what will be your main aims for the day. It will also keep your mind and emotions up to the mark. This way you’ll be more motivated for the start of the day and you’ll be wanting to accomplish your goals. Always a handy trick to the task planners and doers out there!

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8. Eat a healthy breakfast

The second last thing that we think matters a lot is having a healthy breakfast to kick start your day. This one is also common and important as well as it is a must-have or you can say should be the priority before starting your day. Eat a good and nutritious breakfast and if possible, make it a bit bigger but only that much which your diet or stomach lets you. This is very vital since your body hasn’t had anything to eat or drink for the previous 8 hours or so. Try to add fresh fruits or fresh juice along to have a cool and fresh start for the day. This can not only provide you energy but also leaves a pleasant impact on your mood. 

So, cheer it up with some yummy pancakes, doughnuts some soothing tea, bacon, or eggs whatever whets your appetite. Give your body the energy it demands so you both can work together to achieve more in the day. Just like that folks!

9. Take a cup of coffee

You might have heard that most people start their day with the hot cup of coffee. It has been proved that taking a cup of coffee improves the thinking process and eliminates fatigue. Not only that, people who are diet conscious can also take benefit from that like a cup of black coffee fasten the process of burning fats. You can not only stay active with that but also stay in the perfect shape.

Drinking a cup of coffee prevent you from many health risks including stroke, diabetes, and most importantly from Alzheimer’s. These are some benefits that can convince you. Apparently, with the benefits, come the disadvantages. If it is taken in a huge amount, it can cause harm to the digestive system. Also, it can make you insomniac and restless.

Coffee which is made out of the bad beans can be toxic and cause minor illnesses including headaches, nausea, general bad feelings. While getting yourself a kick start, make sure you are getting it from a trustworthy brand.

The disadvantages might have caused you to give it a thought if you really want it in your daily life or not but don’t worry if you take 8 ounces of coffee a day, it is completely safe. So, enjoy your coffee without getting into any risk and keep it warm and cozy with a coffee cup warmer.


That was all our friends, the list of efficient morning routines which would no doubt kickstart your day like never before. So, take a long breath, memorize these routines, and act on them as soon as you can to make the most of your mornings for times to come.

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