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Unfortunately, car accidents can happen to anyone, even if you are a good driver.  Unforeseen circumstances and difficult weather conditions may be unavoidable, although many accidents are caused as a result of someone else’s negligence.  Perhaps they were driving under the influence or driving when tired, or perhaps they were speeding or driving an unroadworthy vehicle?  

Types of Damages

If you have suffered a car accident due to the actions of another individual, then a Phoenix Car Accident Lawyer may be able to act to win you compensatory damages, covering the cost of the losses suffered because of the actions of that individual.  Perhaps you have lost wages or the ability to earn in the future, perhaps you have medical expenses and pain and suffering, or perhaps you are experiencing mental anguish and a reduction in your enjoyment for life?  Alternatively, your expert lawyer may be able to seek punitive damages, allowing your attorney to multiply your compensatory damages by up to nine times.  Punitive damages, under Arizona state law, acts to punish the individual who has caused such car accidents, specifically if malice is present.   

Choosing Your Lawyer

If you suffer such a car accident, you must contact your attorney at Phoenix Car Accident Lawyer as soon as possible due to the restricted time period available to make claims under Arizona state law.  Under Section 12-542 of the Arizona Statutes, you have a two-year period by which to file your claim, and so time is of the essence.  Our lawyers can conduct all aspects of your claim on your behalf so that you are free to recover and heal from the car accident.  Our lawyers will evaluate your claim and investigate the facts, gathering evidence and acting as a mediator between the insurance company and the opposing counsel.  They will then negotiate a settlement tailored for you, litigating the claim and ensuring your full and complete satisfaction.

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How Phoenix Car Accident Lawyers Can Help 

The state law of Arizona implements pure comparative negligence, enabling the court to allocate the liability of car accidents across several parties.  This complicates many claims as even the plaintiff may be incorporated into being assigned liability.  Your lawyer will be asked to make a presentation of facts to the court, and it could be found that the court determines you are responsible for a percentage of the comparative fault, reducing the total damages that you receive from the defendant by that percentage.  

Seeking legal action for car accidents is a complicated exercise, so allow Phoenix Car Accident Lawyers to help you every step of the way to completion.  It is important to remember that some car accidents can cause devastating repercussions for the injured parties involved, and it is wise to have the very best lawyers on your side from the beginning.  A vast array of different injuries to your medical or mental health may result in addition to prolonged costs of medical care and loss of earnings, and damage to your own property.

Multiple Defendant Action

Legal action for car accidents becomes even more difficult and complex when there are multiple defendants involved in the case.  Under the state law of Arizona, each defendant is assessed in proportion to their fault contribution, determining where the fault lies and how much each defendant is responsible for.  Additional types of liability increase such complications. For example, if the defendant is an employee of a company who you may then be eligible to sue. 

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Due to the larger assets and the insurance coverage of an employer, it may be recommended by your lawyer to seek legal action from them in contrast to a personal injury lawsuit.  Your attorney may recommend an actionable claim of vicarious liability against the employer.  It may be the case that the employee in question is renowned as being a poorly skilled driver, yet the employer has hired them in any case.  Your lawyer may recommend an actionable case of independent negligence due to the employer being aware of the employee’s history.

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