CBD Oil vs Tinctures

CBD Oil vs Tinctures What is the Difference?


 CBD consumption is at an all-time high and not slowing down anytime soon. With a new addition to the world of health and wellness comes new terminology. Many people who aren’t familiar with natural medicine aren’t familiar with the terms ‘CBD oil’ or ‘tincture.’ We want to provide clarity regarding these new terms so you can be educated and be able to find the best CBD tinctures online.

What is CBD Tincture?

Tincture refers to the container that sublingual CBD is packaged in. Usually, the tincture is a 15 or 30ml glass container with a screw off top and a dropper. This container is designed to keep the oil from expiring. The glass should be dark in color, so the oil doesn’t become less potent when exposed to light. 

CBD tincture contains two parts. CBD and a carrier oil. Any type of CBD can be featured in a tincture of CBD. The most common carrier oils are MCT or hemp seed oil. Manufacturers add CBD to a carrier oil because CBD isn’t soluble. This means it doesn’t dissolve in water. CBD needs an oil to mix with so it can easily be consumed. 

Difference Between CBD Oil and Tincture

CBD oil is the extract from the hemp plant. When CBD is extracted in what is known as full spectrum or broad spectrum is in distillate or oil form. 

Many people refer to CBD oil as the combination of distillate and a carrier oil. This is a common misconception. The actual oil that is extracted from hemp is technically called CBD oil

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The difference between CBD oil and tincture is that the tincture is the complete product. Unless you are vaping or dabbing CBD oil, you will need to mix it. 

Regardless if you are buying CBD edibles or other products online, CBD oil is the main component. 

The only time that CBD oil isn’t used in a CBD product is if the product is isolate CBD. This is a type of extract that completely separates CBD from the original plant. When CBD is in its pure form, it is a fine, white, crystalized powder. 

CBD tincture can also be carrier oil mixed with isolate CBD. Companies use the same types of carrier oils to mix the isolate powder. 

What is CBD Tincture Made Of?

Like we mentioned above, CBD tincture is a combination of CBD oil or distillate and a carrier oil. Most companies use MCT oil. This is usually derived from coconuts. MCT oil has a neutral taste and its own benefits. Many people take MCT oil alone because it is so good for you. MCT oil is popular with athletes, especially body builders. They take MCT oil when they want to cut weight. 

Hemp seed oil is the other type of carrier oil commonly used in tincture. Advocates of health and wellness foods also take hemp seed oil on its own because it is a superfood packed with vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats. Some fraudulent CBD companies try to pass off hemp seed oil as CBD oil, a simple lab test will expose these unethical retailers. 

How to Use CBD Tincture?

If you are new to CBD ingestion, make sure you find a company you can trust. Lab tests and reviews are a great way to make sure a CBD company is legitimate. 

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Whether you are taking full spectrum CBD oil or high potency Lazarus Naturals tinctures, start with about a half dose to see how your body handles the CBD. We recommend taking CBD sublingually. This means allowing the CBD to dissolve under the tongue. 

Taking CBD is the newest phenomenon taking the health and wellness industry by storm. Understanding the difference between CBD oil and tincture is an important step in becoming an educated consumer. 




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