Necessity of Sex Education

Necessity of Sex Education


It is said that having less knowledge is the most dangerous thing in the world because if you don’t have knowledge of anything you won’t even attempt it and will be safe but if you have little knowledge of anything then an attempt to try it with that little knowledge brings trouble. Same thing happens with sex education. This is a very controversial topic specially in India whether to give sex education to children or not in school. Because just like many topics sex education is also a taboo instead od being considered as just as a topic for knowledge. Appropriately whatever is around us, good or bad, we should have proper knowledge because without proper knowledge we ask here and there and people give you incomplete and wrong information which causes harm either way. According to a theoretical view main objective of sex education is to assist children and youth to develop a positive view towards their sexuality and develop knowledge and information that can help them to take care of their sexual health. This article is completely to provide detailed information and knowledge about sexual health and to remove myths regarding it. As this topic is considered as taboo in our society so when our children turn into teens and face various changes in body and mental status they get confused because they can’t discuss it to family, then they ask here and there who have very little knowledge and get wrong information which later harm their health and psychological confidence too. This topic is misunderstood to be just about sex, whereas it far more than that such as it is about, education on human anatomy, reproductive health, emotional relations, responsibilities and also prevention from sexual abuse, prevention from sexually transmitted diseases, exploitation and many more things youth and society needs to know about Necessity of Sex Education.

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Advantages of Sex Education: Necessity of Sex Education

  • With the help of sex education students can taught correct information about their bodies, human reproductive system, sexually transmitted diseases and their prevention, birth contraceptives and pregnancy prevention systems. In foreign countries all these details are taught in live classes. In live classes students are given chances to ask their doubts and also to clarify them and give them correct information.
  • Appropriate sex education helps a lot those students who just turned into teen from childhood, they get better understanding of their bodily changes and tackle them properly. With this education they get a better knowledge of what is right and what is wrong. 
  • With the help of sex education students and teens develop confidence to communicate, negotiate with knowledgeable people and listen to their suggestions when they need help in matter of their sexual health. Especially what to do and what not to do with sexual health age wise.
  • Sex education is constructed in a way that it is completely informative far from vulgarity, it is like if one is getting training of guns then it is not necessary that he will become murderer, if he is trained well, he will definitely guard people with this knowledge. With the same concept this education is available in online classes also. In these online classes proper information is given in an informative and educational way.

Disadvantages of Sex Education:

  • As it is discussed initially in this article that little knowledge is always harmful and in India, mostly sex education is provided in brief only that too during physical education or health classes which is not enough to teach serious material related to this subject and can create confusion in teen’s mind.
  • India is a country of religions having many religious beliefs people have followed for centuries. Sex education can hurt their belief somewhere unintentionally as still in our society this subject is assumed as taboo and people try to escape talking about it in family.
  • It’s a bitter truth that most teachers appointed to teach this subject are untrained and they don’t know how to deliver this sensitive information without creating confusion or vulgarity and they mostly end up giving incomplete information and confusion in student’s minds.
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Hence seeing the cons and pros of necessity sex education it can be considered that this education can be beneficial for students only if provided by professionally trained teacher who can clarify the doubts of and myths of students and making them understand the importance of its correct information so that students and teens can take care of their health properly and grow well.


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