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Few must-have AV equipment for a successful business conference


A business conference is a crucial communication tool that can both inspire and motivate the workforce. Whether you are introducing a change in your strategy or aiming to build a more cohesive team, organizing a business conference is always a good idea.

A few words from a revered keynote speaker can take your event to the next level. A motivational video can rejuvenate your employers, and when that’s happening, you wouldn’t want a technical glitch.

Will the orator be impactful if people can’t hear or see him? No! How can a video motivate your workers if the people in back rows can’t see it?

Therefore, organizers should opt for superior audio-visual equipment as it will make all the difference on the big day. Here is a checklist for all the must-have AV equipment for your business conference.


A projector can make your visual information look dull or attractive. It will depend on the quality of the projector you are using.

Having a high-end projector system is a must for your business conference. However, you don’t have to spend fortunes on it. Panasonic Laser Projectors have an excellent reputation in the market and are easily rentable.

An outclass projector will produce an impressive image quality and a high color accuracy. Therefore, any supporting information on the screen will look more appealing. It is not necessary to buy new AV equipment for your conference, and organizers should consider getting professional AV rental equipment.

Projection Screens

Researches have shown that when people are exposed to visual information, ‘they are more likely to retain it in their working memory.’ This concept explains why speakers use on-screen content to express their viewpoints to make a tangible impact on the audience.

The right projection screen will be highly visible to the audience and will accentuate the projector’s performance. There are various projector screen sizes available in the market. However, the most popular ones range between 100 and 120 inches diagonal. Before you rent out any screen size, make sure the venue can accommodate it.

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The projection screen should be correctly installed at the venue before the conference begins. It should be visible from every corner.

Always install the screen in advance and test it thoroughly. Late installation would create a very haphazard atmosphere.

Wireless Microphones

Every business conference requires wireless microphones. Since nonverbal cues play an important role in communication, business speakers should be able to move around freely during their addresses.

Live events should feature equipment that delivers outstanding sound. Wireless microphones use batteries for power and operate through VHF and UHF signals. There are various digital wireless systems, and some of them are even scalable like the Shure Axient Digital Wireless Mic Kits.

High-quality sound and mobility for the business speaker will result in a seamless experience for the audience.

Recording Equipment

A close look at trends reveals that ‘recording equipment is used more and more in the events.’ According to a report by Nielsen, ‘42% of the population has reported watching live-streamed content.’ It emphasizes the importance of using amazing AV devices and accessories.

If you’re aiming for a crisp and clear recording of live speeches, you can opt for XLR cables and microphones. This equipment is an industry-standard used by professional recording stations. If you want to capture the conference on the reel, rent some HD recorders and beam at the results.

Wireless Internet Connection Device

According to Forbes, ‘business conferences help build your brand in different ways.’ However, they can also damage your brand image and reputation if you’re not able to pull it off correctly. Therefore, your planning should be fool-proof, and you should not make any compromises.

If you wish to live stream your conference, you need to have a secure wireless internet connection. There are no two ways about it.

An excellent audio-visual (AV) rental company will provide you with a reliable internet connection on the day of the event. If the network connectivity is working in your favor, you should take a deep breath. Otherwise, be ready to panic.

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Audio mixing desk

The conference sound system is incomplete without an audio mixing desk and an audio engineer. If more than one speaker addresses the audience at once, you need to install an audio mixing desk.

The mixer will help the sounds or channels to be managed more effectively by the utilization of faders. You will even be able to adjust the treble and the bass of different channels. Make sure that someone with in-depth knowledge of mixers is present on the day of the event to operate and manage the mixer.

Awesome Lighting

The ambiance is everything in a business conference. It is more crucial than you would have thought. The use of dimmers, spotlights, and lighting consoles in conjunction result in the right type of lighting for the conference.

While such conferences do not require the same variety of lights as in concerts, they still need great lighting engineers.

If there are multiple lights installed on the venue, you need a competent lighting engineer to do the task. The size, shape, feature, and color of the various lights can be adjusted via the lighting board. The ambiance of the conference venue will play a significant role in defining the effectiveness of the event.

Final Thoughts

A business conference is a fantastic opportunity to increase employee morale and boost productivity. The factors of a successful conference include high-quality audio and video inputs, terrific recording equipment, and a fast internet connection.

There are many things to take care of when it comes to organizing a business conference. However, there is no need to fret when you have an expert to help you. The extensive knowledge of a seasoned AV company is valuable when it comes to choosing the equipment. The right choice will turn your event into a success.

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