Have you been procrastinating about the beginning of your content creation journey? Or have you given up? How about one more shot? 😎

There are a few months before 2023, and we want to help you get ready to launch. By “we,” I’m talking about Allcreate, a streaming communication platform where you can also begin your content creation journey. 

Today, we want to equip you with the details you need to know in order to be fully confident of seeing results when you apply them. Grab a pen and paper, get concentrated, and prepare for a full-on makeover of your content creation journey.

Before we get started, you need to understand that the decision to become a content creator needs to come from the heart. You need to agree that it is what you want to do (or try to do) and that you have a liking for it and also feel like you can do it really well. You also need to already know what you are good at. Is it writing, dancing, comedy, tutoring? When you have all the personal choices and mindset sorted out, then we can move on.


The first set of things you need to know involves your setting up and kicking off.


You might have made the personal decision that content making is your thing, but deciding what niche to go into is as important. For someone whose motivation is a field of knowledge, like a health professional who decides to create content relating to health, you’ve pretty much got this decision sorted out. But if your motivation is that you are good at speaking or writing, or just generally creating content, you need to decide on a perfectly positioned niche.

The best criteria for choosing a niche are your knowledge of the field, its popularity/profitability, and how populated the competition is. These criteria can help you strike out the many options you might have. Go with the niche that you have a good rating for all 3 criteria, some niches are more profitable than others.


Don’t forget, we are doing this early so that you can be prepared by 2023. This is a very important aspect. You need to take time to choose and study your main target audience. Choose your audience based on age range, those that are more involved in the niche you decide, and the platform(s) you want to be putting your content on. For example, you can narrow it down to something like “30 – 60 year olds interested in receiving fashion tips on Facebook.” This doesn’t mean these will be the only people who view your content, but the content will be made with them in mind.

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Once you have your audience’s description, you need to study them. Find out their likes, their preferred choice of content delivery, and the way they like the content being served (formally, funny, etc.)  


Not to worry, we’re not telling you to start releasing videos on a large scale. You need to practise ahead. Create lots of content, make mistakes, re-edit your content, and test it out. Allcreate is a good place to test out your content, this platform was made to create communication among users and also help put your content in a public place. We have great security policies in place that will help you feel free to release any type of content.

On the Allcreate platform, you have an international audience, so you would be getting various flavours of reviews to help you mould your craft in preparation for your launch.


Now, let’s prepare you to be a star. These are things you should implement as you begin and go on. These will help you get noticed and gain followers.


To be honest, if your content isn’t worth it, then you shouldn’t be doing this. The content is the foundation of your growth. If it’s good, you grow, if it’s not, you don’t. Creating quality content rests on the backbone of doing everything we have discussed so far. We won’t spend much time on this because we know that no content creator would intentionally put out bad content. Always remember though, “👑 Content is king.” 


To grow, you need followers/subscribers. Social media has more than half of the world’s population, and they are either seeking knowledge, fun, news, and all forms of content. The best part of it is the interconnection. So, one person could love your content and share it with their audience, and on and on and on.

Social media is also very interactive. On Allcreate, we have public chats during the streamslive sessions and you get to see comments of people discussing your content. They could make corrections, suggestions or commendations as they deem fit. The point is this: if you make it big on social media, you have made it to the big leagues, and this is what you should strive for.


SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization.” It is more common among writers as it is implemented in writing in order to make articles and copies easily found and highly ranked by search engines like Google. However, we realise that basic SEO knowledge is important for every content creator.

Your whole content may not be based on text and it may not also need to be accessed on Google, but on almost every platform humans search for content. This means that if you had good knowledge about the way people look for things and the way search engines rank content, you could apply it to the staff as simply as the name of your content just to make it easier to be found. Sometimes the problem isn’t that the content isn’t good, it’s just that it’s difficult to find.


As you grow, you would want to be found easily. You would also want to break into new markets and gain new followers/subscribers from related and unrelated audiences. At this point, you have to put more effort into promoting yourself. This would involve special attendances, contributions, and collaborations. But make sure that whenever you put yourself out there, you promote the brand. Get people to like you for you, and then let them know about your content.

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Another way this could work is through paid promotions. You could pay to have your account promoted in the form of sponsored ads. This will get your content into the pages of people you could not have gotten access to on a normal day.


Now you’ve started up and you’ve grown the brand, it’s time to start getting paid. You can now begin to use your online influence to grow your wealth.


Brands are always looking to score big names that will help them promote their products or services with their influence. Once it is clear that you have a good following and influence, brands can begin to call on you to add them to your content and get paid. You can also approach them with a good proposal. At the end of the day, they need you and you need them.

You will both come up with a deal that works for both parties. You might have to create content solely for the brand and they can pay you with money or their products/services.


The beauty of creating content that blows up with a unique brand is that there’s always a trademark. That part that the followers have become fond of and want to see or hear often. That part is what we call a monetization opportunity. You can create merchandise based on that unique feature. It could be a picture, a costume, or a catchphrase. Anything that your audience resonates with.

Your followers/subscribers will patronize you because they love you. We are speaking firsthand, the Allcreate platform allows followers to appreciate content creators with online gifts and donations. Fans will always want to reciprocate the joy you give them.


The growth you will attain in the business would probably make you get involved in other things such as other content platforms or other businesses. You can now use your influence as a well-established content creator to influence your other services.

You could have written a book, starred in a movie, put something up for sale or download. Whatever it is, a lot of your followers would have no problem patronizing that service just because you say so. You’re basically using the fame you worked for to get yourself rich, and that’s the gambit.


We do hope you put these fundamental tips into consideration and give your content creation journey a chance. Don’t forget to sign up for Allcreate to start your exciting journey!

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