compact powders for Indian skin

How to choose the best daily use compact powders for Indian skin


Who doesn’t like flawless makeup? Without any residue of oils on our face or one that hides blemishes? We know the product that does exactly that and so much more. A compact can do wonders for your makeup look and even on days when you’d like to go for a no-makeup look. From our grandma’s must-haves to our mother’s purse staples, there’s enough precedent to prove that a compact powder is timeless and the most utilitarian of all.

Times, when there were only a few kinds of compacts available are long gone. The variety of finishes, formulas, shades and hybrids of compact powders now produced and sold can be precisely what you need next! However, finding the right fit for you in this ocean of products could be misleading unless you have all the information you need to get the right match. So here we’d help you know what to look for in your compact.

There are a variety of powders in the world of makeup, each for serving different purposes. Like the translucent powder, baking powder etc. which come in two forms:

Loose Powder: As the name suggests, these are in loose powder form. They come in small pots and need a brush to apply. These help set liquid foundations and concealers. They help achieve a more chiselled look or set heavy makeup looks. They’re fine particles, thus having less oil. Oily skin types require them. 

Pressed Powder is baked or pressed under pressure in a sleek pot, usually accompanied by a beauty sponge. These help with more coverage and are used to set foundation and concealers. They are preferred by dry skin as it has more oils in them. It is the category under which Compact powder falls.

How to pick the suitable compact for you?

Shade in Compact

Picking the right shade for your skin tone makes the most crucial part of choosing the suitable compact for you. Irrespective of which brand you opt for, make sure the compact shade suits your skin tone or undertones. Gone are the days when the products available were scarce and limited in variety. A lighter shade of compact could end up looking ashy, or a darker shade could make you look bronzed. 

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If you have pale or lighter skin shade, go for compacts with a pinkish undertone. Whereas if you’re on the darker side, go for a compact with a yellow or orange undertone to compliment your complexion. There is a wide range of shades and mixes that would suit every skin type. So keep looking! Pro tip: Try on a compact shade on your face instead of the back of your hand.


Make sure to find a compact with the coverage you require. There are compacts with high coverage value and some with low or sheer coverage. Pick one that suits your needs. For example, a sheer or light, compact powder is great if you want a more natural, no-makeup look. They have a lightweight formula, which leaves the skin glowing and supple. 

Compact powders are successful at giving a matte finish to the skin while keeping it looking natural. At the same time, there are compacts with heavy coverage and have a better finish on the skin. These can sometimes be substituted for foundation and have an equally good effect for days when you’re running late or need instant touch-ups.

Compact Finish

There are essentially three types of finishes in a compact. The first being a matte finish, wherein it has a mattifying effect on the skin. It has particles that absorb the excess oils on the skin. However, it has a lightweight formula, and it doesn’t usually feel heavy on the skin. Then comes the Velvet finish, which has a soft finish and evens out the complexion. It doesn’t wholly absorb oil off the skin, sustaining moisture. Next is the Sheer finish, which works as a translucent powder, ensuring the makeup stays in place and doesn’t look too cakey.

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Compact for each skin type

Oily Skin Type

Opt for a mattifying compact for your skin to control the extra secretion of the oils on your skin. In addition, it would help reduce the sparkle of the oils. Avoiding powders with shine and ones which are sweatproof would be a good idea. Apply using a brush or sponge provided with it. You could apply an extra layer over your T region to control the excess oil.

Dry Skin Type

A cream-based or sheer finish compact is excellent for dry skin. It would prevent it from drying out the skin furthermore. Make sure to add a moisturiser or skin whitening cream before the makeup, so the skin looks hydrated or brightened. Avoid a build-up of foundation and keep it sheer.

Sensitive Skin Type

Look for mineral-based, herbal compacts, which are free of parabens, waxes or any chemicals. That could irritate the skin and create inflammation. It’s best to use compact powders which are non-comedogenic and non-acnegenic.

The compact is a one-stop solution for a lot of the makeup hassles we face day to day. Its effects range from mattifying the skin, setting makeup, or mere touch-ups throughout the day. Once you include it in your makeup routine, it would be hard for you to forgo it. It is one product that could be used in the day as well as at night. A sheer velvet finish would look luxurious for a night out or a matte finish for a day work look. It could be your best friend on days you want to forgo the whole hassle of full-face makeup too.

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