How to Plan an International Vacation on a Budget?


Planning for an international vacation, but the thought of expense is holding you back? Travelling abroad is indeed expensive with flights, hotel accommodation, local travel etc., adding more to the worries. But, what if we tell you that it is very much possible to plan an international vacation on a budget? Let’s look at a few ways to do so:

Don’t make too many advance payments

If you pay for too many things in advance, it can cost you more money. Paying online in advance for scuba diving or other activities will leave you with no room to bargain. If you pay after arriving at the destination, you will be able to get a better deal and make the payment in local currency. Booking in advance makes sense if you are travelling in peak season and have a very tight schedule.

Book accommodation directly

If you can get in touch with the hotel manager directly over the phone or by email, you will certainly get a better deal on booking accommodation directly. This works well, especially when you are travelling during the off-season.

Use public transportation

Public transport is always cheaper than using private cabs for commuting around in the city. For example, if you are travelling to Argentina, the buses will provide regular meals, tea, coffee and other beverages. This way, you will save money and not be at the mercy of regional airlines who have the reputation of cancelling flights at the last hour.

Look for flash sale

Many airlines announce flash sales that can be the real saver for you. Look for such offers diligently, and be flexible with your schedule. If an airline announces a flash sale on their tickets, your schedule must allow you to buy the ticket and go on that international vacation while saving more.

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Use forex cards

Forex cards are a safe, easy and cashless way to carry foreign currency while travelling abroad. Several banks offer Forex cards that are loaded with benefits and help you enjoy your vacation without exceeding your budget. For instance, you can use the IndusInd Multicurrency Forex Card, a product by IndusInd Bank that is accepted worldwide. It protects you from foreign exchange fluctuations and is available in 14 currencies. IndusInd Multicurrency Forex Card is cheaper to use than debit or credit cards.

Get Rail passes

Eurail pass or JR pass are great ways to save money during train travel. If you are travelling in the region for a long time and have a lot of time in hand, a rail trip will be cheaper than flying. Booking ahead of time can also attract additional savings.

Sleep in large dorms

Large dorms are the cheapest accommodation out there. Although a 4-6 bed dorm will give you more privacy, a 12-18 bed dorm will be cheaper. You can also look for a hostel, which will be a quiet place, especially for light sleepers.

Parting Thoughts

A vacation in a foreign land can be light on the pocket, provided it’s done in a planned manner. Apart from saving on accommodation and travel, you need to carry a forex card for your international travel. Forex cards always prove to be a money-saving and hassle-free option as you are safe from the dangers of currency rate fluctuation. So, next time when you are planning a vacation abroad keep the above-discussed pointers in mind and carry a forex travel card.

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