Interesting Facts About Marijuana

Interesting Facts About Marijuana

  1. Interesting Facts About Marijuana. Marijuana is the most popular and widespread relaxant substance after alcohol. Now about 162 million earthlings smoke marijuana at least once a year.
  2. Marijuana has been legalized (in part or in whole) by authorities in the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Belgium, Switzerland, Australia, and Canada. In addition, marijuana is legal in the District of Columbia and 16 U.S. states. So you may easily contact theLodge if you need some.
  3. The possession and use of cannabis is formally prohibited in the United Kingdom, but if a person has purchased a small amount of marijuana for his own use, he will get away with confiscation of the substance — he will not be arrested.
  4. Strangely enough, in North Korea, known for its absurdly cruel laws, the cultivation and smoking of marijuana is allowed by the authorities.
  5. In the Netherlands smoking marijuana is completely legal. However, strange as it may seem, the rate of pot use by the Dutch is one of the lowest in Europe, as is the rate of drug overdose deaths.
  6. About 40% of American schoolchildren have tried smoking marijuana at least once in their lives. Now one in five high school students in the U.S. does it regularly.
  7. Marijuana is the champion of slang names, of which there are more than two hundred. The most popular are “dope,” “weed,” “ganja,” “cannabis” and “hash.”
  8. The word “marijuana” itself is also a slang word. It comes from the jargon of Mexican soldiers and is formed from two names: Maria and Juana. These were the names the Mexican soldiers used in the 1880s to call the brothel prostitutes, from whom they could buy not only sex but also cannabis.
  9. More than 80 percent of the world’s marijuana is grown under artificial light. That’s why drug cops try to pay attention to houses where electricity consumption is off the charts.
  10. Between 1850 and 1942, marijuana was sold in U.S. pharmacies as an antiemetic, anti-rheumatic and analgesic. This is not surprising: around the same time, American pharmacists were also selling such “drugs” as opium, cocaine and heroin.
  11. In Hindu mythology, the god Shiva is considered a great lover of smoking marijuana. That is why “sadhus” – holy ascetics of Hinduism – willingly practice this activity in order to know the divine essence of Shiva.
  12. There are no recorded deaths worldwide from marijuana overdoses. This is not surprising: the lethal dose must be 40,000 times the normal dose. And even if someone very persistent sets a goal to die just from cannabinoid poisoning (psychoactive substances contained in marijuana), he will not succeed because on about the eight hundredth “joint” he will die of carbon monoxide poisoning.
  13. the opinion that cannabis use makes people passive and lazy is refuted not only by recent scientific research but also by the experience of many physical recreational growers. A large proportion of marijuana enthusiasts are actively involved in sports. And not just do, but incorporate cannabis into the schedule of exertion and recovery in order to best motivate themselves to perform monotonous exercises. Or vice versa – to get the fullest possible relaxation after intensive training. According to these athletes, the idea of combining marijuana and sports has the following benefits:
  • A positive attitude during workouts.
  • Increased concentration on exercise.
  • Increased motivation – cannabis as a bonus for regular exercise.
  • Complete relaxation during the recovery period.
  • The pain-relieving effect after injuries and intensive workouts.
  • Assistance in the burning of fat.

Some of these benefits are quite obvious, others require a closer look, but in general they are all confirmed by practice. Much, of course, depends on the right variety of cannabis and the individual athlete. The effects of cannabis manifest themselves differently in different people.

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