What Goes Into the Ingredients of Authentic CBD Oil?

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Whether you want to buy CBD oil for a health concern or are already experiencing its benefits, you’d like to know what goes into the product before you consume it. Ingredients matter a lot in ascertaining the authenticity and quality of CBD oil. Hence, it would help if you took the time to check them before buying. 

CBD oil is not made up of pure isolated cannabis plants. If you crush the cannabis plant, it will look like table salt, a white crystalline solid which might be mistaken for another drug. Oil is the main ingredient that carries CBD into your body and works on your system. You can’t eat solid crystalline CBD. Therefore, one must know which type of oil is used in CBD oil to make it edible. 

The product you are using or will use must have only a few naturally extracted oils such as coconut oil, MCT oil, olive oil, and raw hemp seed oil. These oils act as effective CBD carriers. Luckily, you can find many products like Lazarus Naturals that use authentic ingredients. Let’s find the best oils which are used as an ingredient in CBD. Here, they are:

  • Raw Hemp Seed Oil


The majority of CBD products are extracted from the raw hemp plant. It is classified under the same species of marijuana. Both the plants belong to the family of cannabis. The hemp is a non-flowering male, and marijuana is the flowering one. That is the only difference between the two. 

Some CBD products are labeled as Hemp extract. It means the oil used in this product is a full-spectrum blend that contains active hemp plant compounds and CBD. Merging these two components in one product gives more benefits than what you can get in isolated CBD. Several studies have shown that the CBD component works best with the whole hemp or cannabis plant. Therefore, some manufacturers highlight the Hemp extract in their ingredient list. 

  • Coconut Oil 
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Having normal coconut oil in the CBD oil doesn’t mean that the product is of low quality or an average product. Many researchers have found that coconut oil has some specific properties which affect overall metabolism and absorption. 

  • MCT Oil 


MCT is nothing but fractionated oil from the coconut. It is a natural extract from raw coconut oil. Its chemical composition makes it superior in terms of digestion and metabolism. Therefore, many products use MCT oil as their main ingredients. Apart from the oils mentioned above, CBD oil can have one or more natural flavoring elements. Some manufacturers also use olive oil as the CBD carrier. 

The CBD oil can also be differentiated according to its components. One can classify it into three different categories depending on the ingredients. 

  1. Full-Spectrum CBD 

This type of CBD is composed by using naturally extracted components of cannabis. Hemp extract CBD oils are one of the examples of this type of CBD. It may also have fractions of THC. Though, it will not be more than 0.3 percent in entire ingredients. 

  1. Broad-Spectrum CBD 

Broad-spectrum CBD oils do not contain THC. Other than that, it is made up of all naturally occurring components. 

  1. CBD Isolated 

This is the purest form of CBD. It is isolated from the cannabis plant. It doesn’t contain THC. Though, you cannot eat isolated CBD. To make it an authentic product, the oil should be an ingredient. 

Apart from the above-mentioned natural oils, CBD oil may have ingredients like naturally flavored oil. If your CBD oil contains more than these ingredients, you may need to recheck the product ingredient list for safety purposes. You can check the brands like Lazarus Naturals and their ingredients for CBD oil for reference. 

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