Main South American favorites to go to the 2022 World Cup


Football of South America teams  always pleases with entertainment. Many goals are scored, and outsiders are ready to surprise the leaders at any moment. You can place bets on the matches of the best tournaments at The bookmaker company is constantly improving its service, so there is a chance to earn a large sum.

In addition to quality football, South American teams are often notable for their scandals. The match between Brazil and Argentina was interrupted due to violations of the rules of crossing the borders by some Argentine players. UEFA and FIFA are sorting this out, and soon there will be another personal meeting of the top teams of South America. According to 1xBet, they are considered the main favorites to enter the World Championship. And they can be accompanied by the following teams:

  1. Uruguay. This team has the most of older players, but Suarez and Cavani play at a high level and bring a lot of benefits. Godin and Caceres are also playing, and not so bad. The game is unstable and the Uruguayans are losing a lot of points, so you should carefully analyze the statistics when placing bets on
  2. Colombia. The team started not in the best way, but it gradually corrects its results. There are a lot of draws and few victories, but after 11 matches, the Colombians are the only ones who took points from Brazil.
  3. Ecuador. The national team is showing great spectacular football in this qualifying round. True, the chances of getting out are not the highest, because Ecuador loses a lot, and Colombia is more stable. You can choose suitable events for betting on South American teams in the 1xBet line.
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Another interesting team, Chile, started very badly in the qualifying round. The team is failing, but there is still time to fix everything.

North and Central America: who will go to the World Cup 2022

This division is not always interesting to football fans, because to be honest, the level of football is not the highest here. However, you can still bet, since the odds are high, and the list is huge. For this purpose, it is better to download the application from here:

Here are the teams from North and Central America that you will see at the 2022 World Cup:

  • Mexico;
  • USA;
  • Canada;
  • Panama.

Quite a familiar line-up of the national teams, which are always considered favorites. It is also worth noting Costa Rica, which is capable to defeat Panama. Today, it is more convenient to place bets with the 1xBet mobile application. This functional development has excellent functionality and is available for many portable devices.

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