The Khulna Division cricket team


Across Bangladesh there are many interesting cricket competitions. On many of them it is even possible to see first-class contests. Right now, the best Bangladesh betting site is 1xBet, and it offers lots of chances to wager on these exciting championships.

A very interesting team that regularly plays in first-class competition is the Khulna Division cricket team. It represents one of the eight administrative regions of the country. Throughout its history, it has played on many different tournaments, including:

  • the National Cricket League;
  • the National Cricket League One-Day;
  • and the National Cricket League Twenty20.

As it can be seen from the name of some of those tournaments, the squad also took part in Twenty20 and One Day International championships. In the best betting site in Bangladesh, which is 1xBet, users can come across lots of wagering opportunities on all the cricket competitions.

Great participations on the National Cricket League

The Khulna Division team has been a highly successful squad in the National Cricket League. This means that making live betting sports on on this particular squad can definitely be a winning decision.

For example, the squad won three consecutive seasons of the competition, which ranged between 2015 and 2018. But their success is not just limited to first-class cricket. The Khulna division team has also performed greatly on the National Cricket League One-Day. This tournament was extinguished many years ago, however, while it was still active, the Khulna division team won its 2002-03 edition. When spending time on 1xBet, fans of the game will discover lots of live sports betting options covering the best cricket competitions in Bangladesh and the rest of the world.

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Different venues and great players

The Khulna squad played most of its matches at the Shamsul Huda Stadium. However, in 2014 the team moved to its new home, which is the Sheikh Abu Naser Stadium. Fans who visit 1xBet to bet on cricket will see that it is possible to wager on many matches that are played on this venue. The Sheikh Abu Naser facility is also capable of accepting Test matches, which makes it one of the best cricket grounds in all Bangladesh.

Some great names have played in the Khulna Division cricket team. One of them is Anamul Haque, who managed to secure the best score in the history of the team. Another excellent name to play for this squad has been Abdur Razzak, who always impressed with his great innings performances. When deciding to bet on cricket in matches played in Bangladesh or anywhere else, make sure to visit the great 1xBet website.

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