Mangalsutra Designs

Mangalsutra Designs to Suit the Professional Look


Ladies Mangalsutra is quite crucial for Hindu weddings. It is a neck piece or necklace gifted to the bride on her wedding day. In traditional household, women were expected to wear this piece of jewellery 24×7. While many people know what a mangalsutra is they do not know what it means. The word “Mangalsutra” is the combination of “mangal” and “sutra.” It simply means the union of two souls for each other’s betterment. Today, most modern brides are working women. Naturally, they are in need of simple, yet classy ladies Mangalsutra designs. They need a Mangalsutra that can complement their beauty, even in their professional attire. Keeping this in mind, we have hand-picked these latest Mangalsutra designs that go well with any type of professional look!

#1 Lettered Mangalsutra (Personalized With Names)

Who says that Mangalsutra comes in only typical Indian-style designing? You can choose a Lettered Mangalsutra, representing your or your partner’s name. You can even choose common words like “LOVE” which choosing the lettering. These designs come in a variety of options. Surely, you can choose whichever suits your professional looks!

#2 Moonshine Mangalsutra:

The Moonshine Mangalsutra is a unique design that combines the shine and beauty of 5 huge solitaries. Tied around the long Mangalsutra chain, the solitaries look eye-catching in between the black beads. You can choose the type of solitaire you need and make this Mangalsutra, a part of your professional attire! 

#3 Zodiac Mangalsutra

Do you know that Ladies Mangalsutra has an astrological significance? The black beads in the Mangalsutra Chain invite Saturn to protect the couple from all evil forces. Including your zodiac or your partner’s zodiac sign in the design simply makes the Mangalsutra more significant. Surely, it will be meaningful and you will enjoy wearing it at the office!

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#4 Pristine Pearls Mangalsutra

Indeed, ladies Mangalsutra designs with white pearls aren’t quite common. However, they look unique when put together with the black beads of the Mangalsutra chain. This unique style perfectly fits every type of professional workspace. So, why don’t you be that trendsetter modern bride? Flaunt a unique pearl Mangalsutra at the office with style! 

#5 Flower Mangalsutra

Most working women try to wear minimal jewelry at the office that fits the professional ambiance they work in. Like them, if you want to wear a simple yet unique Mangalsutra; why don’t you check out Flower Mangalsutra designs? Representing the purity of heart, any type of flower design highlights the bride’s beauty after the wedding. Moreover, these come in a variety of shapes and sizes to choose from! 

#5 Peony Mangalsutra

Don’t want to wear a traditional black-beaded Mangalsutra? The Peony Mangalsutra is just the right fit for you. A modern take on the traditional Mangalsutra designs, the Peony Mangalsutra is simply a gold centerpiece. The gold and black beads are artfully threaded together to create a unique centerpiece design. Typically worn by boho brides, this type of design is currently in high demand. 

#6 Sankha/Conch Mangalsutra

Do you want to wear a Pendant-style Mangalsutra? Then you can check out the Sankha Mangalsutra Design? It’s simply a gold Sankha/Conch pendant. Often used in Hindu rituals, the Sankha/Conch signifies longevity, fame, and prosperity. Wearing a Sankha/Conch Mangalsutra can bring peace and prosperity to your married life. Also, this type of Ladies Mangalsutra matches a professional woman’s everyday looks!

#7 Coin Mangalsutra

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The Coin Mangalsutra combines multiple gold coins throughout the length of the black-beaded chain. The small gold coin pendants look super classy with the black beads. You can either opt for one coin-pendant or multiple coin-pendants, whichever design attracts you the most. Surely, this Ladies Mangalsutra is perfect for working women!

#8 Mangalsutra Bracelets

The Mangalsutra Bracelet is the most modern twist that allows the bride to wear the Mangalsutra on her hands instead of on the neck. As a working professional, if you want to avoid wearing something across your neck, then you can look at Mangalsutra Bracelet designs. Easy to carry, the Mangalsutra Bracelet looks edgy and classy. As a result, many modern brides are purchasing women bracelet Mangalsutra online.

#9 Meenakari Mangalsutra

For many years, Meenakari was the highlight of traditional Ladies Mangalsutra designs. Even today, Meenakari Mangalsutra is popular among young brides. Stand out as a modern bride by choosing an exquisite Meenakari Mangalsutra Set. Coming in a variety of styles and pricing ranges, check out the exclusive Meenakari Mangalsutra collection online.


Now, you have a brief idea about the Mangalsutra designs that go well with professional attire. These uniquely designed and beautifully crafted Ladies Mangalsutra on Snapdeal are perfect for any working professional. It is time to share your story with the world. Find the one that captures your emotion and resonates with your unique style. Browse the internet and purchase the Mangalsutra that best suits your style and comfort levels. 

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