Data Cleansing Benefits

Data Cleansing: What are the Processes and Benefits?


Data cleansing is essential in today’s business environment so that your data does not  go from being an asset to becoming a liability. Every business, over a period of time,accumulates massive amounts of data. Data cleansing services are critical for a business to grow and gain customer confidence.

What is Data Cleansing?

Data cleansing services is a process of checking, modifying, or updating data to make sure it is accurate and complete. It is a continuous process of scanning the database to identify inaccurate, irrelevant, old, and duplicated data to modify, delete, or replace it with the updated, relevant data.

What is the Process of Data Cleansing services?

There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to data cleansing. However, the idea and the objective of data cleansing services are the same. Below are some critical data cleansing steps:
● It starts with analysing your current data and its overall health.
● Identifying gaps that need to be bridged (Such as which particular data should be
updated, which ones need to be deleted, etc.)
● Streamlining your data entry and maintenance process to avoid inaccurate data
piling up.
● Coming up with a robust data cleansing and data enriching schedule
● Establishing clear data cleansing best practices and following them diligently.
Some of the examples of the data cleansing process include:
● Removing duplicate copies
● Deleting or updated physical addresses, email IDs, phone numbers, etc., to make
the database up-to-date.
● Ensuring your database does not contain information of those who have clearly
opted out from your database.
● Ensuring your database sends out communication only to customers who are
interested in what you offer.

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Four Benefits of Data Cleansing Services

There are a plethora of benefits data cleansing offers. Some of them are:

1. It Improves Your Decision Making:

Data cleansing services enable businesses to improve their decision-making process.B2B data constantly decays if it is not cleaned regularly. Therefore, a well-maintained database provides accurate insights and analytics that will help make better decisions. In
addition, an updated database will help you understand your audience better and empower you to develop a good strategy that will help your business grow in the long run.

2. Boost Revenues:

When a business has accurate data, it helps them achieve a higher response rate, resulting in increased revenue. With clean data, the the number of opt-outs and returned emails will reduce. And, you will be able to target the right audience who are interested in your product or service, thereby increasing the efficiency of your marketing campaigns and boosting revenue. Many reputable companies offer top-notch data cleansing services if you are looking for expert data management help.

3. Increases Productivity and Efficiency

A clean database improves employee efficiency as it stops them from contacting customers or vendors who may not be interested in listening to what you offer. It also reduces the risk of fraud and spending hours resolving customer escalations, increasing productivity and saving time.

4. Protects Your Brand Reputation:

Imagine getting constant communication from companies or services you have opted out of. No one appreciates their email box flooded with irrelevant emails. Spam mails and unsolicited communication damages a brand’s reputation significantly. A clean
database helps you maintain your brand integrity and improves your business reputation.

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What Next?

Finding the right service provider who offers high-quality data cleansing services is very critical. Choosing the right partner will make your data cleansing process faster, easier, and effective. Industry-leading data cleansing services such as Dun &
Bradstreet helps businesses perform a complete data health scan and offer excellent data cleansing tools.

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