Re-Engage Customers after Covid-19 Lockdown

6 Ways to Re-Engage Customers after Covid-19 Lockdown


It’s been four months since the COVID-19 or coronavirus pandemic struck us.

The world came to a standstill; economy bogged down; financial crisis on the spree and high inflation risk. Though when the pandemic will end is unclear and unpredictable, businesses have come to terms with it already. Organizations across the globe are working on customer re-engagement techniques or have a strategy planned to win back lost customers.

But it’s not too far when everything will be back to normal – with certain limitations.

People will be out in the open again – exploring brands, products, and services – and businesses have to be ready to serve them. The first preference will be brands that stood by their customers during difficult times. Once the cycle of consumption starts, having a concrete business strategy to re-engage customers will ease the COVID-19 transition period to serving customers as they get back to the new normal.

The new normal will have constraints and cutbacks. Customers will be fussy, picky, and selective to their needs. Hence, businesses must focus more on customer needs, and those who are simple run on the mill concept will miss out on a massive chunk of the customer base.

To help you get back to track and attract customers, here are a few tips to effectively communicate information to customers and re-engage with them.

Email your Customers

Email is a great way to re-engage with your customers after the lockdown ends. It’s probably one of the cost-effective ways to stay in touch with your customers. Send email campaigns to existing customers or the entire lists, announcing them about your return.

While regular customers may check your website or acquire information through social media, most probably won’t.

Sending consistent emails to customers about the new product launch and updating existing products or services is an easy way to stay connected. An email straight into the customer’s inbox doubles the chance of the email read, act upon it, and re-engage with your business.

Ask for Customer Feedback

Customer experience during COVID-19 is purely working on empathetic engagement. Businesses have to understand customer’s feelings and emotions even before they come to you with issues. Monitoring customer feedback helps you understand customer pain areas, suggestions for improvement, and act accordingly.

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But the only way to know customer feedback is by asking them directly. Not many will proactively give honest feedback.

There are many intelligent experience management platform that will help you track customer needs, analyze responses, design reports, and take necessary actions depending on the feedback. Businesses will have to monitor customer feedback closely and propose strategies according to the change in demands. Companies that will live up to the lockdown norms will flourish and see a two-time increase in customer fold.

Conduct a Webinar

A webinar offers a golden opportunity to communicate with your customers and convey messages in real-time. Many businesses across the globe rely on webinars to educate, train, and sell to existing customers. With the current fluctuation in economic growth, it’s the best way to reach out to existing and potential customers in a minute.

Since webinars are not location-specific, customers across the globe can participate in the webinar from anywhere.

It’s one technique that will help you reach out to all your customers who are geographically dispersed and in a different time-zone. There are different types of webinars – audio/video conferencing, online presentation, and other web-streaming services. Through practical and consistent webinars, you can re-engage customers.

Announce on Website

Once you’re back in the field after the quarantine period, it’s vital that you let everybody know and create enough buzz. Your website is the first avenue to bring revenue to your business. It’s advisable to put any announcements related to your business post lockdown on your website so that no. It will uplift the morale of your regular visitor. There are many ways to publicize it.

Blog posts – Most of your website traffic is through blogs. Many customers visit your site for the knowledge and information you share through blogs. Blogs are essential to communicate and display long messages. You can use your business blogs or online forums to announce your return, and what customers should expect.

Pop-ups – Pop-ups are easy to create and can be placed anywhere on the website. It’s best to put it on the most popular page. Pop-ups are more of a text and don’t go unnoticed.

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Banners – Some companies even use banners to highlight essential announcements about their company. Generally, non-intrusive banners go a long way in creating an excellent customer experience.

Announce on Social Media

Your website is not the only place where you should make announcements. Connect with customers where they are most active throughout the day – social media. Social media channels do the task of spreading the necessary information, and your customers can share and repost the announcements giving access to many people.

Even if customers don’t visit your website, or if there are uncertainties with your website, social media channels are instrumental.

Other than Facebook, professional network like LinkedIn is an ideal platform to release any news about the professional world. It brings you in front of your customers and will endorse your brand in due course of time.

Offer Discounts

Unfortunately, coronavirus has affected the economy and burnt a hole in many people’s pockets. Even if the lockdown opens, customers will still hesitate to spend on anything unimportant to them. Businesses should keep in mind the customer’s finances before offering any product or service.

You can allure customers with different COVID-19 offers or post-lockdown discounts and support them during difficult times.

Offering time-limits on offers and discounts gives them a chance to rise again and make a seamless customer experience.

Final Thoughts

COVID-19 is not going away until the end of this year, even if your government tells you. Customers will take a while to settle to the new normal life. There will still be uncertainty and severity in the economy that will affect customer’s finances a lot. Businesses have to engage customers if they haven’t started yet proactively. The key to the excellent customer experience is to listen to your customers and follow-up with what they need. If you actively take steps to ease down customer’s pain and sufferings, you will earn customer loyalty and trust, which will benefit your business in the long run.

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