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The Countdown of 2021: Top 5 Watches to Keep Your Eyes On


Can you believe we are just a few months away from 2022? With previous years being devoid of ecstatic vibes and celebration moments, it’s time to welcome the new year in complete style and poise. So, we gotta elevate our personalities and looks. While others might need heavy jewellery or ornamented bracelets, we ensure you need just a slaying wristwatch to get the spotlight. So, what are you waiting for?

2021’s countdown has already begun! Get your hands on the best watches from top watch brands now! Are you confused about hundreds of options and brands? We are here to help! Here is a list of top 5 watches you need to grab right now:

To all the coffee lovers, wear the coffee colour around your wrist. As we are entering a new year, there has to be a new style to feed our style cravings. No worries! 

Fastratck’s Tees cafe White dial brown watch with plastic strap has got you covered. It has got a fresh new vibe along with casual chicness. This comfortable design with pure style is all that you need to slay this year. It has water resistance and is designed with an acrylic glass finish to leave no room for quality issues. So, elevate your style quotient with this forever in trend best watch. 

  • For a new sunrise

Catch an orange vibe amidst your regular day blues; this sunrise effect dial is all you’ll desire. With an oomph factor to surprise everyone around you, this stunning orange dial with a brown leather strap is one of the best watches. Never compromising on style and fashion, this smart-looking watch is a combination of comfort, quality and class. Slay an outdoor look or impress everyone indoors; this is the perfect accessory.

  • Funk is the new fun

Wanna have that funky vibe in your look? Get your hands on the COCA-COLA edition by Fastrack. It has a white dial with a cool and funky red plastic strap. This is the best watch and will immediately become your new favourite. Whether you want to flaunt style or give all cool vibes in your squad, this would make you your gang’s favourite. 

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After all, who can hate coca-cola with a little funk! 

  • How much black is so much black?

Well, black is never enough! With a desirable metal finish in black, this watch is all you need to complete a perfect look.

With quality promise and comfort, it can accompany you throughout the day. No matter if a young jubilant embraces it or it goes around the wrist of a business professional, it will grab the attention. Buy it for yourself or gift wrap this to your mate, this surely is a “wow” worthy best watch. In addition, with everyday changing trends, this is something here to stay. 

  • Get rid of those boring colours

If getting rid of those mainstream wristwatch colours like black, white and golden is your thing, this stunning watch with young yellow vibes is ideal for you. The leather strap and metal dial match the right combination of style and comfort. This surely will establish your statement during a day off the rails or during a night at a club. 

Best watches to make you win! 

As much as wearing a wristwatch adds to your personality, wearing the right one with the balance of style and class elevates the style quotient. So, always go for something unique, vibrant, and something parallel to your personality. If you are a coffee lover, get your hands on Fastrack’s coffee series of best watches and if you are all funky with a vibe of swag, dominate with vibrant colours such as yellow, red and whatnot! Get a watch of your mood this year, and hop to the best trends for 2022! 

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