What Are The Best Bitcoin Wallets For Android In 2020


More than 70% of smartphone users have android phones as per data. As a result, any industry that wants to offer mobile services invests in developing an android app. It is also true for the new form of investment, i.e., cryptocurrencies. Again, most crypto investors majorly invest only in bitcoin. 

If you are also a bitcoin investor, you need to store your bitcoins in a safe wallet. Although cold wallets are the most secure, they are not convenient for regular transactions. So, it’s apparent that you have to rely on mobile wallets that offer a suitable platform for shopping, transferring, and trading bitcoin. Take a look at the following list of bitcoin wallets for android in 2020.

Bitcoin Wallets for Android

Before using any bitcoin android wallet, make sure you check the legitimacy and security features. You can take recommendations from bitcoin experts from the Immediate Edge community. Now let’s explore the best bitcoin wallets for android smartphones. 

  • Electrum Wallet- 

Although you might have known that Electrum is a desktop wallet, it also offers mobile wallet services. After you install the app, it generates a seed of 12 words; take note of them. Next, you have to create a six-digit PIN as you do it in most conventional mobile payment wallets. You will use this PIN to confirm payments, and the wallet includes a QR code that allows you to capture other addresses for a seamless transaction experience. 

  • Trust Wallet- 

As the name suggests, you can trust this crypto android wallet. The most popular crypto exchange Binance acquired it in 2018. The wallet supports multiple crypto coins along with bitcoin. The team proactively adds new cryptocurrencies to the list every month. It is one of the secure and best android wallets for bitcoin and altcoins. 

  • Mycelium- 

With a good rating on play store and high-security features, Mycelium stands apart from the other bitcoin wallets. The interface of the app is easy and convenient with QR code and address book. One of the best parts of this wallet is you can seed the private key from paper wallets. The app has outstanding security features with a security PIN. It is the best choice for crypto users and developers. I personally recommend this bitcoin android app as I have used it before. 

  • Green Address- 

Greed Address is the best android bitcoin wallet in terms of security, privacy, and ease of use. If you are a beginner, this is one of the best choices, and you don’t have to worry about the security of your private key as it does not store it. Moreover, it also offers two-factor authentication with multi-signature functionality. So it’s one of the best android wallet apps at a low price.  

  • Guarda- 

Guarda stands apart from other bitcoin wallet apps because you can install and use this app, even revealing your personal information. The app is not only best for mobile devices; it is also one of the best choices among web wallets. The app is compatible with iOS and also supports Windows, Mac, and Linux. With advanced security features, you can rely on this android bitcoin wallet. 

  • Edge Wallet- 

Edge Wallet is also a secure and good choice for android users. It was previously known as Airbitz. The key security features are two-factor authentication with recovery and backup. The sign-up process is straightforward, and you can make easy payments. As the platform supports QR code, you can easily transfer money to others quickly. 

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Now you have a list of six best bitcoin wallets for Android. You can choose any one of them but make sure to check the legitimacy of the app before you install it. Fraudsters and hackers may develop fake apps on the name of these popular apps. If the information has helped you in any way, please share your comments below.

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