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4 Tips to Make a Woman Feel Intense Attraction for You

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Men and Women – Attraction

John KeatingLanguage was developed for one endeavor, and that is… Mr. Anderson? Come on, are you a man or an amoeba?

[Todd stays silent]

John Keating: Mr. Perry?

Neil Perry: To communicate.

John Keating: No! To woo women!

While Keating was but a fictional character in the Dead Poet’s Society, Keating didn’t lie. And while many love to bring up the ever raging war between the two sexes, the love is what has kept generations running

Men and Women – Attraction and First Moves

But just like certain norms and stereotypes that have come to occupy our minds, the art of attraction has its own quirky touches.

For instance, when it comes to initiating romantic relationships, men take the lead.

Date in year

In fact, the difference is astounding!

But while the waves of feminist movements have had greater and greater influence over how men and women behave around each other, why are women not initiating relationships?

While we do not want to bore with the jargon of the study of relationships, we will tell you that the answer lies somewhere in the complexities of uneven gender revolution.

How To Add That Attraction?

But while most men still try to grapple with the realities of the uneven gender revolution, other men make their moves. On the other hand, those that wait for women to ask them out, wait out their entire lives. That is why knowing how to approach women is so important.

And that is the problem that we will try to solve in part today. For all our friends looking to be asked out by women themselves, we are here to help.

We bring you the tips to make a woman feel attracted to you . . . INTENSELY!

1. Have a Sense of Humor

Nobody likes to sit around a dull robot that only talks sense.

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If you talk enough sense, then you’ll lose your mind, right?

So, every now and then, you need someone to talk some nonsense into your mind to keep you connected to the light side of life.

But while you may think this is just about having a good laugh, the interaction between genders can make everything tricky.

So, in 1996 when Research Gate investigated the subject, it was found that women sought mates who could make them laugh twice as much as they could. So, while you just sat around looking up dad jokes on the internet, developing a genuine sense of humor is going to make you attractive.

And if you have it, you’re clearly going places. But you must exercise it with caution for the excess of anything is not good for you.

2. Exude a heavenly feel!

Time to nail those deo ad feels!

heavenly feelBut sometimes, you do not need to have these novel qualities like a killer sense of humor to be attractive to women.

Sometimes, less is more. And simply being decent enough to follow basic human etiquettes does the trick. And when we say basic human etiquettes, we simply mean hygiene and grooming.

And while you may find it cool to wear the same old Pj’s for the 6th day in a row to your university and walk out with unkempt hair and stubble, let us tell you, you’re not going to get anywhere with the ladies.

Regular body grooming and proper hygiene are a must if you are ever to come off as attractive. So get your clean men’s pouch underwear out right now and trim that beard and get your long-due haircut. Because if you are ever to stand a chance, this is it!

And when we talk about hygiene, there is nothing as important as smelling great. To do that, you should not only pick a great cologne that becomes your signature but also prioritize cleanliness with regular baths.




3. Be Courteous to court!

But while clean underwear may get you points for hygiene and grooming, it cannot cover for your lack of manners.

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Remember when we said anything in excess is wrong while talking about humor, this is what we meant.

Never ever let manners slip!

And it isn’t very hard to let that happen when you are just humorous. The moment your humor takes a disrespectful turn, you’ve done more damage than good. And the chances are that she is not coming back after that.

But simply making sure that you keep your humor in check is not all there is to courtesy. Being courteous is more about your temperament than anything else.

Can you take a joke?

 Can you keep those magic words in your vocabulary?

Can you not completely lose it when under pressure?

Can you put others before you?

If not, we can tell you, no amount of superficial appearance or neat haircut is ever going to make you attractive.

4. Time to showcase your culinary skills, Cook!

What if we told you that you’d rather use your arm for mixing batter than lifting dumbbells at the gym?

A guy cooking is somehow so irresistible to women that it shows up clearly in a news article by Daily Mail Online!

A study in Australia found that women were more aroused with men when they were cooking than using power tools at home.

This is astounding because of the underlying gender stereotypes in place. Where men are considered to be more macho, hence investing their time in power tools and women being the primary caretaker for homes, contradiction seems beautiful.

That is why the next membership you get should be to a cooking class rather than a gym if you want to be attractive.

Final word

Without further ado, it becomes rather clear that polishing the softer aspects of their personalities makes men more likable.

This may largely be due to the fact that personalities are being considered in contention with the toxic stereotypes that ruin relationships. When seen countering those stereotypes, men automatically become more attractive.

And we do not doubt that countering toxic generalizations could make women come out to be irresistible too.

In the end, it is all about being considerate and being your own true self rather than a depiction of what society has believed for so long.

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