Anniversary of Parents

Celebrate 25th Anniversary of Your Parents with Sweetness and Happiness


Twenty-five years ago, your parents started their life journey high on love and happiness. Each day, they faced challenges holding onto each other. When your father was distressed; your mother’s arms were his comfort place. And when your mother tripped in the journey of life, your father was her strongest pillar. That’s how they completed 25 years of being together in love. 

You, their child is the most beautiful gift of their love and 25 years of marital bliss. So, it’s your moral duty to make their glorious moment worth cherishing forever. Every anniversary counts, but 25th is extra special. 

So, here we have outlined the gifts for mom and dad to infuse sweetness and happiness into their 25th marriage anniversary celebrations. 

1. Red-Rose Flower Arrangement:

The room of your parents is adorned with a beautiful memory of your father proposing your mom with a red rose. Why not create a romantic moment once again for them? Surprise them with a red-rose flower arrangement in a heart-shaped box. Let them travel down the lane of old-romantic memories. Since it’s their silver jubilee, write down your anniversary wish for them on a card and place it in the bunch like the way it is done in rom-com. 

2. Personalized Wall Decor:

Your parents have made several lovely memories together for 25 years. How about decorating their abode of love and happiness with one of it? You can get their favorite picture from their dating days or a quote that they often say to each other like “With you by my side, I can conquer each other.” “All I need is you and your love.” Turn any of the sayings or a picture into a personalized wall decor like a silver photo frame with their name. 

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3. FingerPrint Jewellery:

You have always witnessed your parents walking hand in hand, and you have always wondered why? It is because it gives both of them security and the assurance that no matter what they will be together, forever. Capture all the swirls and details of your parent’s finger in fingerprint jewelry, like silver rings and give them. On your father’s ring engrave your mother’s fingerprints and vice-versa so that they can be with each other in times when they are not together. 

4. Silvery Delight:

After your birth, their life encircled around your happiness and sorrows. Their every step, decision, and gesture were for the well-being of you. Their 25th wedding anniversary is their day and moment. It’s about them and their love. Give them the time and space to relive the old romance by planning a surprise date night for them. Pre-plan everything for them, and do not forget the 25th anniversary cake and a gift. These two are the ingredients of making silver jubilee memorable and remarkable. 

5. Custom Name Plate:

A home is a structure of walls without parents. They have turned a house into a home with their love, compassion, kindness, and selflessness. Today, it feels like an oasis because of them. Grace them with a custom wooden name-plate, a sweet and sentimental 25th-anniversary gift that will make them feel homier than ever before. 

  • Handmade Journal: Wishing just a Happy 25th Anniversary won’t be enough, especially when it’s about your parents.  Pen down your heart for both of them in a journal. Yes, write down how their love is an inspiration for you. Speak of what makes them the world’s best couple and parents. It’s not every day that you get an opportunity to shower your parents with praises and appreciation. Such a heartfelt token of gratitude and love by their child will leave them in happy tears.
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