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6 Tips for a Big Fat Indian Wedding


Every other event needs manipulation and hard work, but most importantly tricking a few steps and tricks. It is really hard to decorate an event all by yourself and almost impossible if it is Wedding decoration.

But out of all the possibilities, one can manage a wedding venue by themselves. Here are a few tips and tricks that shall be useful before booking a wedding venue or doing the wedding decoration. 

Choosing the catering service

This is an important portion of all sorts of Wedding management. Catering is highly needed for all sorts of family gatherings.  More than the wedding venue, booking a catering service is highly recommended. 

The question is, how to choose one? The catering should be convincing with their rates and should have an elaborate menu option. It should have the facility for cooking at the wedding venue. Falling for cheap prices can be risky because that might degrade the end result. 

Choosing the Wedding venue

The wedding venue is just an irreplaceable part of the wedding. Every marriage that is associated with a social event, prioritizes three jobs, a wedding venue, proper wedding decoration, and food catering. Searching for the right wedding venue can be really hectic. 

To qualify a wedding venue, one needs to look into the capacity and space of the banquet. Considering the total number of guests, and the type of wedding venue. An open space can gather more people than a closed Wedding venue.  And, lastly the interiors of the Wedding venue. 

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Organizing Decoration

The interiors of the wedding venue affect the wedding decoration massively. Wedding decoration needs to follow a particular marriage theme, that not only enhances the glimpse of a wedding venue but also the experience. 

Wedding decoration needs plenty of time and obviously effort before retrospecting the big fat Indian wedding on the floor. Keeping the Interior of the wedding venue with that of the wedding Decoration is highly appreciated.

Go for Professional help

A wedding demands proper care by a professional. A professional event manager or any event organizer, makeup artist, Wedding Decorator, photographer, trousseau editor, invite organizer, and obviously catering service. 

Hiring professional help, shall not only make your work easy but also tension free. No one wants to have tension lines over their bridal makeup beside such a beautiful Wedding Decoration. 

Inviting the massive family

Indian families are huge, to be honest. The entire family crowd is enough to ring around and make the maximum noise at the wedding venue. So, inviting them is an integral part of the entire event. 

Inviting all cordially is just an irreplaceable task.  But, before doing that you should make them understand the exact location of the wedding venue. On the wedding day, no one has the time to reciprocate with the guests. Let them enjoy your day, with the grand Wedding Decoration. 

Seasonal changes

Besides the Wedding venue and Wedding Decoration, you cannot forget about the changing climate of the city in every passing month of the year. The month of June to September asks for a closed Wedding venue, due to the retreating monsoons. 

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But from the month of November to March the wedding venue and decoration need to have proper wind control measures for the cold winters.  

These were the six hacks that are mandatory for a big fat Indian wedding. The Wedding Venue and Wedding Decorations are an integral part of the big day! 

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