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5 Quarantine Marriage Proposal Tips You Shouldn’t Shrug Off

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Does the current pandemic ruin your original wedding proposal plans? Are you feeling upset that your anticipated proposal will end up dashed and/or postponed? 

If so, cheer up because you’ve found a pinprick of hope to make your most-awaited wedding proposal plans happen even amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

While you can’t go on with the initial wedding proposal setup, you can opt for many alternatives especially if you couldn’t wait to make and hear your dearest woman say “Yes!”.

All you have to do is to stay right on track, browse through the next pages, and consider the following quarantine marriage proposal tips you’ll find along the way.

You might also want to get yourself a cozy place to lounge on, and a pen and paper before you proceed. So, you better stop staring and start scrolling down instead.

1. Make it happen with the help of local small businesses

While some cities are on their highest lockdown measures, some are starting to ease their isolation protocols. If you’re in the latter part, then things might be easier for you.

You may contact some of the best local florists, photographers, and a wedding organizer to help you make the quarantine wedding proposal come to reality. For the decorations needed, you may also reach out to local artists or experts if DIY decors aren’t your thing.

There’s no need to lose hope because some products and services you might need for this once-in-a-lifetime event are available for delivery and can also be found online. 

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2. Purchase an engagement ring online if you still haven’t  gotten one

An engagement ring is more than just an indication that the couple is engaged to tie the knot soon. An engagement ring embodies the couple’s commitment, devotion, and love to each other.

However, getting an engagement ring would be a little difficult for some most especially during the COVID-19 quarantine season. But, there’s no need to lose hope because you can purchase online if you still haven’t gotten one for your woman.

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3. Limit your guests or let them attend virtually

In light of the ongoing pandemic, make your marriage proposal happen but take note to limit your guests. Limiting your guests would be understandable given the current situation.

Also, don’t require friends or family members who are in the most vulnerable group such as the elders, people with certain heart and lung problems, diabetes, or those who are feeling unwell.

However, if you really want them to witness and be part of the lovely moment, you may let them attend virtually.

4.  Far from each other? Opt for a surprise virtual proposal

Have you been planning to do your marriage proposal this 2020 but then the COVID-19 happened and ruined your plans? Things would be a lot more difficult and impossible for you if you’re currently quarantined far from your other half.

Well, say thanks to technology and the internet for giving long-distance lovers a pinprick of hope to get engaged despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

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If you can’t be there physically to propose your love and desire to marry her, then at least be there virtually. Aside from Messenger, and Facetime, you can surprise her with a Zoom marriage proposal with your family and friends as well!

5. Involve the quadrant-trends: How about a Tiktok proposal? Social and physical distancing proposal?

With the mighty help of technology and the internet, you can always have an alternative to almost anything now. And might as well use both to push through with the marriage proposal even during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Although things might not go as the original plan, just use whatever sources you have on the table to make things happen. Why not involve some of the Quran-trends? How about a Tiktok marriage proposal? Or propose while observing social and physical distancing, right?

And that’s just some of the few quarantine marriage proposal tips you shouldn’t shrug off. Whether you’re quarantined together or not, this article shows that there are still ways to make the wedding proposal happen.

So, don’t forget to tell us about your quarantine proposal once you succeeded, okay? We’ll look forward to hearing from you!


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