Spring Activity With Kids

5 Tips for Encouraging Spring Activity With Kids


Every parent wants their children to experience happiness and healthiness, which means a healthy diet and exercise. Unfortunately, most children prefer the soft glow of a smart device and sweets. If you are lucky, you can supplement poor snacking habits with nutritional supplements, such as Wellements.

It is easy to appease children’s behavior in the winter because there is little to do. However, the spring brings opportunities for fresh air and energy. Still, how do you motivate your children to participate and get active?

1. Getting Outdoors

There is no better way to encourage kids to get active than getting them outside and away from the screens. While baby health products can supplement many nutrients, they cannot replace the sun as one of the best sources of vitamin D.

The sun also increases energy and alertness, which is why many professionals suggest taking midday breaks for walks. Additionally, the energy boost you get from the sun can also motivate kids to run and play.

2. Reducing Screen Time

Kids were easier when they were newborns. Sure, they didn’t have a sleep schedule, but keeping them healthy was as easy as fixing a bottle and adding some dietary nutrients from a newborn bundle.

As your children age, technology becomes a part of their everyday lives. Devices are used in schools and for socialization and entertainment. A parent should be concerned with how much time their children spend on computers, tablets, and smartphones. The devices can hurt their eyesight and psychological health.

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If you want to encourage healthier habits, like outdoor exercise and play, reduce your child’s screen time. Try limiting use to an hour a day. Obviously, you will have to make exceptions for academics.

3. Schedule Play Dates or Invite Friends

Do you have an only child or a child that seems committed to staying indoors? Try scheduling a playdate or allowing them to invite friends over. It is often easier to get your kid outside and enjoying the spring air with a bit of positive peer pressure.

You can try throwing a springtime pool party or field day. The goal is to give your child a reason to invite their friends.

4. Let the Kids Choose the Activity

If a backyard full of children is not your idea of a headache-free spring day, consider doing something with only you and your children. However, instead of making plans yourself, ask your kids what they want to do. Children are more likely to participate enthusiastically if they feel like they have a role in the decision.

Even if you decide that your children will be outside, allowing them to decide what they will do outside can encourage excitement around the day. However, you have to stick to the decision.

5. Have a Picnic

Finally, if you only want to get your child outside, have a picnic. You and your child can each take responsibility for preparing the meal and picking a location to eat. Anytime a child feels ownership in a decision, they are more likely to follow through.

Do you want more help making healthy lifestyle choices for your family? Consider talking to a family expert.

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