Six summer berries that will help you lose weight fast


If you are on a diet and still want to eat well, try consuming different types of berries. Berries are generally low in calories and also high in vitamins, and minerals. So, the berries, whether exotic or locally grown, are true all-rounders: thanks to many valuable vitamins, berries are super healthy and taste great! They all contain a lot of vitamins, have a positive effect on health, are tasty and not high in calories. In addition, the berries can not only be nibbled on their own in summer but they can also be added to muesli or smoothies. Berries also go great with nut mixtures, smoothies, desserts, or salads. What are the healthiest types of berries? Keep reading this article! 


Strawberry fruit is one of the most popular types of berries you will find in every supermarket. In addition to the low price, strawberries also contain health-promoting nutrients and important minerals such as calcium, magnesium, folic acid, and potassium. For those of you who are on a diet, eating strawberries every day can help you lose weight. 


You will be surprised, but the watermelon is a berry (family of pumpkins). The composition of watermelon is represented by vitamins A, B, and C (a small amount); trace elements: potassium, and iron. The presence of potassium is beneficial for kidney function. Watermelon has a diuretic effect, eliminates oedema, and increases intestinal peristalsis. You can eat this berry fresh as a dessert or add it to salads. Grilled watermelon with cheese or ham can also be a great and healthy snack if you enjoy gambling on Hellspin Casino Australia.

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Blueberries are famous for their deep blue colour. The spherical berries owe this to the plant pigment myrtillin, which neutralizes free radicals and is said to prevent cancer and heart disease. A plus for the skin: the abundant vitamins C and E boost collagen production. A handful of blueberries a day, as they are often called, are said to support memory, and learning ability into old age. And blueberries are 86 per cent water and have only 36 kilocalories and seven grams of sugar per 100 grams. 


This fruit contains many B vitamins, which have important functions in our metabolism. There are also minerals and trace elements such as iron, calcium, potassium and magnesium, which have a positive effect on bone and dental health. Numerous antioxidants also support the heart and circulation. Only 34 kilocalories per 100 grams of fruit and water content of 86 per cent make raspberries the ideal summer snack. Enjoy the sweet fruits pure, in yoghurt, fruit salad or smoothie. They should have a place of honour in the hearty kitchen because as a dressing or simply sprinkle fresh over the salad, raspberries are guaranteed not only to be a visual highlight. 


Unlike other berries, grapes are high in calories. However, it contains many micronutrients, iodine, and chromium.


It turns out that this juicy and sour berry is also considered an effective tool that can significantly reduce the calorie content of dishes. In addition to the minimum number of calories, cherries are also able to enrich the body with unique minerals and vitamins. Cherries contain useful substances that cannot be found in other berries. Therefore, if you want to have a perfect figure, prepare refreshing drinks and cocktails based on cherries. Eat fresh berries throughout the day, and then you will not be afraid of weight problems!

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