Running Techniques for Beginners


Running is a relaxing and adaptable form of exercise that can help you tone up and lose extra weight.

In this article, we will talk about some tricks or techniques on how to make running a safe and enjoyable pastime and stay interested in this physical activity. This can be especially useful for beginners.

Before starting

If you feel that you are not yet in the mood for running, you are recovering from an injury or are worried about any current illness, consult your doctor before you start running.

If you haven’t been active for a long time, you can start by walking.

If you feel a sudden deterioration of health while walking, stop and consult a doctor without delay.

Running requires certain clothing. But the most important thing is a comfortable “running shoe” that can lower the risk of unintentional harm (such as twisting of the foot).

The spring part present in your sports shoes weakens over time and can increase the likelihood of injury, so it is important to pay attention to this from time to time and buy new ones as needed.

Plan your mileage.

Develop an individual program about when and where you are going to run (exact time and treadmill).

You don’t have to remember everything. Give your individual plan a written form. 

The start

To avoid injury and make your activation pleasant, it is important to avoid sudden overload.

You could start with a slow run over short distances and progressively increase the speed over the course of a few days or weeks before moving on to greater distances.

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Always start with a 5-minute warm-up.

This may include a quick spot walk, knee-lifting exercises, climbing stairs, and so on.

A warm-up helps to increase the blood flow to the muscles and prevents excessive tension and fatigue of the heart, lungs and muscles.

First, walk

“You should start from the slots” this was in your mind when you first opened Woo Casino website, right? Now keep this attitude about your running routine too.

Start by walking, which can last as long as you feel comfortable (about 10-30 minutes).

As soon as you feel that you walk easily, start interrupting the walk by running for small intervals of 1-2 minutes.

You shouldn’t pick up speed the first few times; instead, try running at a fast walking speed.

Over time, gradually increase the duration of the run until you reach a 30-minute steady run.

In the same way, gradually accelerate your running speed.

Give your running a style

Run by relaxing your arms and shoulder strap and bending your arms at the elbows, rather than stretching or straining.

Keep an upright position and make running smooth, touching the ground from toes to heels.


Every time you jog, give yourself a little break (so that your cardio normalizes), walking calmly and trying to relax your leg muscles.

Make it a habit

For beginners, regular running means going on the treadmill at least twice a week.

Over time, running will get better as your body gets used to the consistent stimulants of exercise.

It is better to run twice a week, but without letting go, every week, than to overload yourself during the week and not leave the house next week.

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