The Five Most Popular Slot Machines


Land based, or “brick and mortar” casinos offer gamblers hundreds of slot machines in a single location. Players can enjoy “antique” games of standard three reels and a single payline, or they can play a multiple payline game with over twenty winning combinations. There are bonus screens, side games, progressive jackpots, and lotto options.

Though slot machines began appearing late into the 1940s, and strictly as an amusement for the wives of poker champions and other “fellas”, they quickly became the most popular game in most casinos. Today they hold the top spot for both the land based and real money online casinos usa.

Online casinos offer an ever changing field of choices and options, and there are very many “favorite” games at each casino or third party provider site. For the land-based casinos, the games are not changed as frequently, and currently there are several games that hold their own top positions in the hearts of slots enthusiasts.

They are:

Megabucks Slots – which is a progressive jackpot slot game. It is known for its record breaking payouts, and is found in almost any casino in the country.

Wheel of Fortune Slots – where bonus games go this is always a favorite. In fact, the game was one of the first to offer a unique and interactive bonus feature. The player actually spins the famous game show wheel, and takes away the prize they reveal. The game also is known for its rowdy sound effects that also match the opening credits of the show – the notable cheering of the name and the music following it up.

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The Price is Right Slots – another famous game show converted into a slot machine, the Price is Right is a five reels, nine payline game and offers a progressive jackpot. This means that a player needs to wager forty five coins on each spin if they are looking to hit the progressive pot, but the coin values present a comfortable range of one cent to one dollar. Additional appeal is brought to this game by the bonus games that match those of the television program.

The Red, White and Blue Slots – anyone who has ever visited a casino will recognize this traditional variation on the classic or “antique” slots. A huge three reel display along the single payline makes this a fun and easy to use game. The additional two coin or credit true multiplier only adds to the appeal. This means that a player with two coins on the spin can hit the jackpot.

Cleopatra Slots – this is another five reels and nine paylines game that continue to prove popular in many jokaroom casinos.

An additional favorite is the Elvis Slots game that allows players to work three screens at the same time, selecting between sixty possible paylines.

Slot machines continue to be the biggest and most popular areas of most major casinos; even smaller casinos feature numerous machines. Those listed above will more than likely make at an appearance at a casino of any size, and each presents a unique “take” on this beloved game.


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