The Primary Introduction of the Graphic Card Xe DG1


One of the primary gadgets reported by Intel during the occasions of the CES 2020 display was the new Graphic card Xe DG1, which first made arrangements for discharge by the innovation monster. During the introduction, organization agents remarked on the specialized parameters of the video card as carefully as would be prudent, yet displayed a picture of the presence of things to come gadget, which, be that as it may, was not planned available to be purchased on the open market.

The Structure of the Graphic card Xe DG1

The last structure of the Xe DG1 may even now experience critical changes, given that the model appeared in the photos is expected for programming designers. Appropriating the model of the video card among Intel engineers, it enables them to upgrade their applications for the particular design of things to come discrete card.

It is as of now realized that the Xe arrangement will be introduced in three adaptations: Xe-LP, Xe-HP, and Xe-HPC. There is a presumption that the Xe DG1 video card has a place with the Xe-LP line, as prove by the nearness of 96 execution units. The nonappearance of intensity connectors in the photograph and the nearness of the PCIe x16 interface (around 4.0) show a low force utilization, which doesn’t surpass 75 watts.

Progressively definite particulars, just as the expense of the video card will be reported later. It is realized that Xe DG1 can enter the design of workstations with the new Intel Tiger Lake processor.

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