Walmart to shutdown stores on Thanksgiving and stop Black Friday sales

Walmart to Shutdown Stores on Thanksgiving and Stop Black Friday Sales


Many people look forward to Black Friday sale by Walmart that happens right before Thanksgiving. The company announced on Tuesday, July 22, that they are going to end this tradition and also keep all stores closed on Thanksgiving Day.

The warehouse chain of Walmart called Sam’s Club will also remain closed this year. The scene was the same in the previous year as well. It also marks a huge departure as the store bids farewell to their age-old tradition. Black Friday sales always used to be a greatly profitable event. This year, Thanksgiving is on November 26 and will go without the sale.

John Furner, the CEO and President of Walmart of United States said that 2020 has been a trying year. He said that their associates have stepped up. He goes onto say that all the employees will get to enjoy Thanksgiving at home with their families and loved ones.

How Black Friday happened?

The usual Black Friday sale by Walmart used to kick off on Thanksgiving Day from the start of the store time. The doorbuster sales used to start in the evening and let shoppers make the most of the deals. Last year, Walmart had introduced their doorbuster sales from 6 pm onwards. Many people flocked in to buy all that they could.

Why Walmart will stay closed on Thanksgiving?

Walmart, along with other retail stores have received criticism for keeping their stores open on holidays, making it impossible for employees to be home with their family and friends. The criticism had already led many retailers to shut down during holidays. Now, Walmart also joins the club and gives in for the welfare and happiness of its employees.

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Employees of Walmart were sent a mail to notify about the changes in their work schedule. It also mentioned that a supervisor from Texas took the initiative. Furner stated that holiday shopping will be different this year and they will have to manage sales differently. He also took the name of Kevin Carlyle, the People Lead of store number 475 from Round Rock, Texas said that they should close from Thanksgiving this year and let the associates spend time with family.

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