Warzone Payload guide

Warzone Payload guide: tips & tricks on how to win


Call of Duty: Warzone has been one of the top downloaded games in the first-person shooter battle royale genre for quite a long time, and it is not really hard for one to understand why that is the case. An easy learning curve for the beginners, enticing gameplay, several combat modes for one to choose from, and playing with friends, what’s not to like about Call of Duty: Warzone. Another thing that adds a ton of excitement to Call of Duty: Warzone is their regular-season updates, which adds a ton of new content for one to enjoy, and the latest Season 4 update is not an exception, which not only brought new additions to the game but a new game mode as well – Payload. Let’s see the warzone payload guide: tips and tricks on how to win.

Now, before you go and try to conquer this game mode, it is highly advisable for one to learn how to play this mode and, if possible, learn some warzone cheats and hacks that would help them out. And through this blog, you can do just that.

Here is some helpful information that you need to perform well in Warzone Payload.

A match in Payload mode consists of 40 players that are divided into two teams of twenty. One group is tasked with escorting the vehicle objectives through all the checkpoints that are spread out on the map. And the other team basically has to stop that from happening. This is the gist of the game, and from this, you can easily guess that this is going to be a fast-paced game; so, you cannot relax for even a sec during the gameplay.

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This is a best-of-three round, where both teams will take turns in moving and attacking the Payload.

Now onto the tips and tricks that will help you win the  Payload mode.

  • Choose the best load-outs for Payload.

Payload is certainly different than other modes offered by Call of Duty: Warzone as it is a longer game mode where you will have more gunfights than usual. So, naturally, you cannot just take your standard gears for the combat, doesn’t matter if you are part of the moving team or attacking team. One can use the best combination in Call of Duty: Warzone Payload mode, an AR with an SMG. Now, if you are more of a sniper, then a Swiss K31 would be the better choice you can go for.

  • How to complete the moving objective

Now, if you are a part of the team whose objective is to move the Payload through all the checkpoints, your task is very straightforward. Keep the Payload moving and kill any enemy that comes within your sight. The best way to do that is by getting killstreaks which you can do by activating recon contracts that would require you to stand near a device for a definite period. You will also be rewarded with cash on the completion of recon contract, which you can use at the buy stations to get ammo and armor plates.

  • If you are attacking the Payload

Now your aim is not to kill every enemy player, no. This is a common mistake made by players in the Payload mode. Sure, killing every enemy can get the job done since there would be no one to push the Payload through the checkpoint then, but this strategy could easily backfire. Your target is to stop the Payload from moving, which can be done by creating obstacles in the path, and that is done by using red boxes found on the map. These red toolboxes can build a blockade that the attacking team has to destroy to keep the Payload moving, and during that, you can take your shot at the opposing team.

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You can even use cash to build stations, towers, turrets, and even explosive drones, which can help you stop the advancing team.

One thing that you have to keep in mind is that while it is a fast-paced game, you cannot just rush through it for both defending and attacking phases. Since the path of the cargo is pretty apparent to everyone, there should be no delusion that the opposing team is simply lost. No, strategy is key to winning in Payload, and that’s what you should be making one as well. And since it is a best-out-of-three game mode, you cannot just be good at moving the Payload and not defending the checkpoints. You have to be good at both, or you will surely lose many games in Call of Duty: Warzone Payload mode.

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