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What Are The Criteria And Benefits of Becoming An Australia PR?


The country of Australia is known as the wealthiest and well-developed nation across the planet as it carries the world’s 12th largest economy. Apart from that, the nation has the 5th highest capita income in the world along with massive military expenditure. Along with that, the country also attracts plenty of skilled workers across the world to migrate and allow them to realize their dreams.

Experts say that Australia has received a whopping 64% increase in population in 2017 and it is all due to the overseas migration. On 2018, the total population of Australia have increased to 25-million individuals. The country has also made available about 129,250 visas through their general skilled migration program for all the skill migrants in the year 2012-2013. Apart from that, the country has about 21% of global students, who are studying in Australian universities and the country carries a strong economy for the skilled migrants, who wish to move into this beautiful nation.

What are the parts one can choose for a PR in Australia?

To become a permanent resident or PR of Australia there are several paths, which one needs to follow. Some of the most popular ones are provided below.

  • The TSS 482 Visa:

If individuals, who are a TSS 482 Visa holder and have been in working in Australia for 3-years with the same employer, then they are eligible to apply for a permanent residency. To apply for a PR in Australia one must take the help of the transitional stream or TRT. DAMA visa holders will also be provided with a pathway that will allow them to apply for a PR.

  • The 457 Visa:

People who already own or applied for a visa subclass 457 visas before or on 18th April 2017, they will be eligible to apply for a PR in Australia through 187 RSMS or 186 ENS. To apply for the PR, applicants must take the help of the 2-year pathway.

  • The Regional Visa 491: 

The 491 regional visa, which is also known as the skilled work regional visa will allow an individual to apply for a permanent residency in Australia. Apart from that, the subclass 494 visa Australia will also allow individuals for a PR. To meet all the requirements for permanent residency, it is important for all migrants to carry either the 491 visas or the 494 visas for 3-years and must meet the requirement of a minimum taxable income.

  • The Graduate Visa 485:

If an individual carries a graduate visa 485 and wish to get a PR, then they need an employer you will sponsor them to live in Australia, through the 187 RSMS or 186 ENS visa.

  • The Skilled Nomination Subclass 190 Visa:

Through the skilled migration visa 190 it will enable all the skilled workers who are Points-tested to work and live in Australia as a PR. This particular visa is viewed as a PR visa and it is good for individuals who has an occupation, which is highly demanded in the nation’s labour market.

  • The Student Visa:

Students who are interested to become permanent residents of Australia will be eligible to do so if they carry a student visa Adelaide and apply for a PR through the Skill-Select system. It will definitely allow all the interested to students to receive a permanent residency if they carry enough points.

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Some of the criteria’s of becoming a PR in Australia that one needs to know

There are several criteria or rules that one needs to follow to be eligible for a PR in Australia. Given below are some of the rules one needs to follow to complete the PR application process. Take a look!

Types of documents needed for PR applications:

  • Birth Certificate.
  • Application Form.
  • Business Reference Letters.
  • Proof of Nomination.
  • Test Results from PTE or IELTS examination for English Proficiency.
  • Police Clearance Certification (PCC).
  • 2 Passport-Sized Photo.
  • Spouse Skilled Certificated, if the spouse is also applying for a PR.
  • Report of Educational Credential Assessment.

Steps that are taken for PR Applications:

There are several steps that each of the applicants must follow when they have decided to opt for PR in Australia. If he/she is experiencing any issue, then the skilled and experienced Migration Agent Adelaide will provide them with all the help they need. But the steps that are taken to complete the PR application is provided below.

  • Applicants must check if they meet all the requirements, identify if their occupation is mentioned in the list of highly demanded occupation, and check to see if they carry the required points.
  • Individuals who belong from a Non-English-speaking country must provide their English Proficiency. They need to make sure, whether or not they carry the score that is needed for English proficiency in Australia.
  • It is important for all individuals applying for a PR to have their skill assessments done.
  • Be sure to register for the expression of interest.
  • Receive an Invitation to Apply or ITA after submitting the application and getting approved.
  • Applicants are requested to submit the PR application within 60-days.
  • Individuals must obtain a PCC or police clearance certificate.
  • Once all the requirements are fulfilled individuals can get their PR visa.
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What are some of the benefits of owning a permanent residency in Australia?

Applicants who wish to become a PR or permanent resident of Australia will be rewarded with numerous benefits. Given below are some of the most popular benefits of becoming a permanent resident of this beautiful country.

  • With the help of permanent residency, individuals will get the chance to live indifferently.
  • They will receive complete freedom of work and travel across the nation.
  • Through PR, one can also pursue higher education without any issues.
  • They will also be eligible to apply for citizenship in Australia.
  • Children of individual who are a permanent resident of the country will be known as the citizens of Australia by birth.
  • Individuals with a PR will also receive social welfare benefits along with healthcare entitlement.
  • They will also gain the power to sponsor their family and friends.

Final words to share!

The information that is provided in this document will allow all interested individuals to become PR in Australia. But they need to follow the rules and steps in a correct order to be eligible for a permanent residency.

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