We all know someone who has allergies. To nuts, flowers, or whatever. That seems perfectly normal if you spend time at a live dealer casino. But what about those people with intolerances? And what is the difference? Most people only know about lactose intolerance. This means that you cannot digest dairy products of any kind. There are several other intolerances. But only for a few, there is some kind of treatment. In the form of tests or pills that you can take to enjoy the food you like. But for the rest, there is nothing. People just have to be careful about what they eat. Restaurants, especially, write all the ingredients of their dishes on the menu to avoid discomfort. 

The main difference between allergies and intolerances is probably the effects when people eat something they cannot tolerate. An allergy is much more dangerous than an intolerance. It can endanger your life if you ingest something you are allergic to. But if you just have an intolerance, it means it is hard to digest. 

Also, allergies are a much broader term. In both cases, you need to pay attention to your temperature. If it rises, you should see a doctor or go directly to the hospital. 

The symptoms of intolerances also vary greatly. They include, for example, diarrhea, flatulence, skin rashes, but also headaches, nausea, fatigue, and skin redness.

Unfortunately, public awareness of this trouble is still limited. And sufferers always have to explain what it is all about. Especially to new friends or colleagues. Sometimes it can even be embarrassing for them. If they have to ask the waiter or need more time to check the menu. Then they seem too picky. But that should be normal.

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To raise public awareness, there have been some small campaigns to educate people about intolerances. There are several different types of them. Here are the most common ones. 

The most common is lactose intolerance. This means that you cannot tolerate the sugar in dairy products. 65% of the world’s population has trouble digesting this particular sugar. You can easily find out if you are one of that 65% by doing a simple and quick PH test. 

The second issue is gluten. This refers to proteins found mainly in wheat, barley, and rye. Although these proteins are found almost everywhere, there are also a lot of products without gluten. So do not worry. You do not have to go hungry. The most common result is a very bloated stomach. 

Some people can not have caffeine. It is a bitter substance found mainly in coffee and other drinks. If you suffer from it and still drink coffee, your heartbeat increases and you get anxiety. 

The last substance is salicylates. These are found in plants for defense purposes. You can find it in foods, honey, spices, and nuts. 

As you can see, there are several different types. And society should start taking them seriously. 

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