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CAPM is one of the best beginner-friendly certifications that will help you understand the market, its components, and every other important aspect in real life, and it will make you certified for a handful number of job opportunities for a beginner to intermediate level. You need to appear on a test for obtaining the certificate, and in that regard, you should be verifying the eligibility criteria for appearing on the test. For your help, here are the pre-requisites for the candidates that wish to appear the exam

A secondary diploma (a high school diploma or a global equivalent), and you must have completed studying about project management education for at least 23 hours. For individuals 

After meeting the above requirements, you are eligible to apply for the test. So now, for some of the candidates, the question arises that how can they obtain or complete the 23 hours of studying project management, and for some candidates, how to have a better preparation. So now, here comes CAPM Education courses. 

Then what are the topics that are covered in this training process or education course? The topics which are briefly touched upon are mentioned below

  1. project integration management
  2. Communication
  3. Risk
  4. human resources
  5. Procurement
  6. Stakeholders
  7. Cost
  8. Quality and project scope.

There are many vendors that provide you courses and study material for your preparation and also serve the quota of reading hours. But, obtaining courses for every organization or institution is not acceptable. PMI ( Project Management Institute) recognizes courses from the following:

  1. Project management constituents/seminars/workshops sponsored by your company
  2. Registered Education Providers of PMI
  3. Chapter of PMI
  4. Project enhancing programs/seminars/workshops sponsored by your company(if any)
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How to choose the right path from amongst all the CAPM Education Courses?

Due to the large variety and popularity of the certificate, there are a handful of courses that are available for this, but there is a basic key framework that needs to be taken care of. Hence here are some of the facts that you should consider while applying for the training of the certificate.

  1. CAPM Education courses are mostly based on the five processing teams and ten project management knowledge areas of PMBOK: it would facilitate your preparation for the CAPM certification Training as it covers a large spectrum of topics required. Also, it is PMI’s flagship publication and is a fundamental resource for effective project management in any industry.
  2. Often, the CAPM education part providers would also provide a CAPM Exam Guide: It is one of the most important tools that are handy and important to set the direction for your preparation. This exam guide would take you through the entire path of the exam. Also, the guide includes The Standard for Project Management. It is the foundation upon which the vast body of knowledge is built upon, and the guide serves in capturing and summarizing that knowledge.
  3. During your preparation for the exam, it is very important that you have to give yourself sufficient practice: you should thoroughly check if the CAPM Education courses contain sample papers. They basically help you in getting the feel and help you in knowing about the variety and difficulty level of the examination. It will also help you in managing your time and will help you in planning out your strategy and approach towards the Certification exam.
  4. Opting for online CAPM Training: If you opt for an online CAPM Training option, you can attend a specific module as many times as you want to and at whatever time you want to. This is an added benefit and offers great flexibility to students, as everyone has the liberty to understand and comprehend every aspect, knowledge, and concept at their own pace and comfort. 
  5. What support is provided after the CAPM Training Class?: Support is a crucial and very important factor to be considered since you may want to clarify your questions during your preparation. You may come across many instances where you need to get professional help from the concerned, be it technical or theoretical or any other kind of issue. So, it is better to check out the various support features that are provided. Do make a note that the course should always provide basic support and are mostly friendly. 

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