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Tips for finding student accommodation in Leicester


When students accomdation choose to study abroad then the first thing that comes in their mind is where to live. Finding the best comfortable place is itself a major task for the students. The students should look at various aspects other than location that are essential. The other aspects include- the cost of living, security, asense of company, friendly staff, and a lot more. Therefore, here are certain tips that will benefit a student in finding the best accommodation, and also they should ask certain questions for themselves when finding student housing Leicester.

Tip 1- When to start planning? 

When a student makes their decision of studying abroad then the first step for them is to decide when to start planning. Planning of living i.e. they need to decide various options to live comfortably whether in an apartment, on-campus accommodation, en-suite rooms, etc. 

Tip 2- What are the deadlines-  

Another tip for the students is to know what are the deadlines for applying for accommodation? Generally, the deadlines may vary from university to university and the type of course chosen. Hence, it is essential to know before the due date so that they can plan, decide, and apply for their chosen halls. 

Tip 3- How much you need to spend? 

Budget plays a vital role and therefore, the student should know how much they can spend. Most students look at affordability and they should not select private halls of residences that are considered most expensive as it will affect their budget.Therefore, managed accommodation allows or offers the all-inclusive rent from the student in one single payment.

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Tip 4- What’s included- 

When deciding on student accommodation, the student should know what all should be included in the cost of accommodation. Also, the student should make sure to check the internet access in the university. Besides this, they should also look for some extras that might come with a place like a gym, barbeques, outdoor terrace, drying and washing area, etc. Some accommodations provide all the above facilities while some do offer some of them. A student should know what is included and excluded when choosing a perfect accommodation for them. 

Tip 5- Where you want to live?

Another important aspect is to make a wise decision in choosing a location i.e. whether to choose the location of accommodation near to the campus or the accommodation halfway across town. If the student is getting the accommodation near to the campus then it is beneficial for them because as they cannot spend unnecessary or spare cash and it saves their penny for transportation because people can come on foot. Another benefit is they can make use of the library and attend campus parties. But, in case they get accommodation far from the university, then though they will get the facilities, they have to incur expenses on transportation to get to the university where rent is generally higher than normal.

Tip 6- Want to accompany with someone? 

A sense of belongingness is much needed when studying abroad in other countries. When choosing accommodation, the student should choose shared apartments or privately rented rooms with fellow beings. A good company of friends can make a smooth journey of college life. If the student residing in apartments belongs to the same university then it is beneficial to get help in studies as well. The dual occupancy studio is also another option that a student can choose with their friends.

Tip 7- What are the dates on your contract? 

Every accommodation do have specified dates when a student comes in and when he\she moves out. Therefore, a student needs to clear this out because some university halls ask the students to clear the halls during holidays so if a student doesn’t want to clear then they should ignore this option. 

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Tip 8- Friendly staff- 

Students are required to spend a lot of time in Leicester for studying at university. Therefore, if they choose to live in shared en-suite accommodation, then they should make sure the staff is friendly so that they can seek their help whenever they find themselves in trouble. 

Tip 9- What can be your non-negotiables?

Likely told above, students are here to spend a long time at the university. Hence, they should carefully think above must-haves that they cannot compromise on. Each individual is different from another. Some basic needs that an individual cannot live without could be internet accessibility, a well-equipped room with a private bathroom and kitchen i.e. studio flat. So, a person needs to decide whether all this is important and enough for them or not.

Tip 10- How much security you need?

Safety is the most concern part for the parents and the students. No parent would like to make their children stay at any place where there are no safety measures. A student should choose an accommodation where CCTV recording and other safety appliances are used. Hence, it becomes essential for the parents or students to look at the place or accommodation where they can have a sound environment that means they could sleep safely.  

Tip 11- Has a renowned name of the organization-

 It is important for the students to the hoop for the stay that has a trusted name in the market i.e. by choosing an established and well-maintained organization that is running for long years will have gained a renowned name and will help you in making your stay enjoyable. 

Tip 12- Home comforts- 

Students when residing in another country want everything like their families. Family stays would be a reliable option. Therefore, they should look for friends so that they can enjoy every moment as their family. 

To conclude- 

Choosing accommodation for students studying abroad is a complex task but few above questions can help the students to make their mind where to live, what should be included in the accommodation, sense of accompanying, etc. When a student gets all the answers then studying and living in Leicester becomes easy and cheerful. Therefore, all these tips should be kept in mind when choosing student housing. 

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