Why Creative Writing is Important for Kids

Why Creative Writing is Important for Kids


The easiest way to express thoughts or ideas is through writing. It could be a sentence, a paragraph, or an entire diary. Writing helps in translating your creative ideas into words so that you can express them. There is no doubt about the fact that children have an imagination, and hence it becomes important to inculcate the habit of writing in them. Writing also helps with cognitive growth and organizational abilities. In short, writing stimulates the mind and empowers it. Kids who practice writing are generally better in subjects like language, science, and math. Writing challenges their mind to become more creative and also helps in building confidence.

In the early days, there used to be a lot more emphasis on writing. But, with the dawn of the digital age, everything is done through computers or smart devices and writing has taken a back seat. There are a lot of benefits to creative writing that will help your child:

Improves imagination and creativity

Creative thinking is a good exercise for the mind. It improves the brain’s ability to come up with innovative alternatives. The thought process broadens and the mind starts developing out-of-the-box ideas. The problem-solving approach improves, which can lead to success in different areas. In short, the cognitive ability of the mind amplifies by practicing creative writing. If your child is planning to pursue research or an engineering degree, then creative writing can give him/her the imagination boost to push boundaries and excel in life.

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Relief from stress and trauma

Kids go through a lot of trauma in their childhood. This trauma could either be because of bullying or performance pressure. The effects of the trauma can last a lifetime. Introducing them to creative writing will help recover from the stress in a healthy way. Through writing, the kids will be able to pen down their emotions, fears, or thoughts on a piece of paper. This will help them process the stress from a traumatic event, and address it accordingly. The world-famous author, JK Rowling, has stated that writing helped in carrying her through depression.

Effective communication

Every child owns a smartphone in this digital age. They spend a large amount of their time on social media websites and instant messengers. Moreover, their communication has a lot of short forms which most of us aren’t even aware of. If children are growing up in an environment where the use of online lingo is more common, they could lose the skills needed for effective communication. This could be damaging for human civilization in the long run. Writing is highly effective in improving communication skills. By practicing writing, children will learn to frame proper sentences with structure and meaning. Their vocabulary will improve as well.

Increase in confidence levels

When writing, your kid will be able to pen down his/her emotions, perspectives, and thoughts. They will be able to explore their inner self and express how they feel about perspectives, people, philosophies, etc. They will start opening up and feel more comfortable and confident about their opinions. They will be able to build their voice and face any hardships thrown at them with full strength and confidence.

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Improved reading habit

Reading and writing go hand in hand. Once your child starts writing, he/she will start looking for more ideas and content. This will push them to read different topics so that they can write more. They will then start understanding the mechanics of reading and writing better. Their writing will become flawless and develop a unique flare. They will be able to bend and break the writing rules to create something very unique for their audience.

Improvement in other subjects

Writing helps the brain develop logical thinking. This skill is required to be successful in a career in STEM. Many studies have shown that writing stimulates the brain and enhances its thinking ability. Thus, the kid can learn tough subjects like math and science without additional help or support. By neglecting writing and focusing on STEM subjects, your child might struggle to cope with the school curriculum.

Creative writing can have a positive impact on your child. If the writing becomes limited, then your child will lose out on the valuable benefits of creative writing. Ask your child to write about anything they enjoy, to get them started on the journey of creative writing.

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