What : Simple Ways To Get Him Notice You



You have a crush!


The entire time you are consumed with thinking about all the tricks and moves you can try to lure this person. However, it wouldn’t be all worth it if they did not notice you.

So, what are the ways in which you can ensure that that man is noticing you!

Believe it or not, contrary to popular beliefs, it is something very simple. Yes, the way you present yourself will matter, but that is not all of it.

Thus, you do not have to make huge claims with your bold makeup and false lashes to get a man to like you. You can leave that bold makeup art for your girl’s night out and for the nights when you need that kind of art therapy.

In this excerpt below, we will be discussing some of the best and simplest ways with which you can catch your dream man’s attention.

Simple Ways In Which You Can Gain Your Man’s Attention

Here are some of the expert advice ways which will help you charm someone in the easiest way possible.

1. Just Smile (A Genuine One)

You have no idea what that smile can-do, girl. You could be someone who smiles a lot or someone who always has a frown on your face. The moment you look at the boy and give that genuine smile. They will know immediately.

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It is your eyes that will speak. One should never ever underestimate the power of a ladies’ smile.

2. Talk About Your Hobbies & Ambition

Talking about your hobbies and ambition is something that intrigues a man. A classic gentleman doesn’t get threatened by an ambitious woman; rather, they like someone with a sense of goal in life.

So, talk passionately about your hobbies and ambition; if they are listening with interest, you might have a chance! Talk about the books and movies they have read, and watch them have more topics for discussion the next time.

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3. Confidence Is Everything

Your confidence is everything that a man will love about you. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t had time to put on your makeup that morning and come with your bare, textured face; if you walk with that same air and confidence, you are good to go. 

4. Eye Contact

Eye contact is very important when you are trying to make a good impression. It will not only charm the person but slightly intimidate them as well.


If you catch them blushing during that eye contact, your work is done here.

5. Listen To Him

You have to make them feel special, which means that you should pay more attention to what they are saying. Listen to them when they are speaking, and confidently contribute to the conversation rather than swooning.

It all comes down to that confidence!

6. Ask For His Help

Sometimes you have to put that male ego, not too much but just the right amount. Just go up to them and ask for a tiny help. With this, you can achieve two things. You will be able to get their attention, plus study the way they help you.

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Are they keen?

7. Wear What Looks Best On You

Not all men understand top fashion. So, don’t pick your ultimate fashion picks to impress them. Keep them for your girl’s night out. Rather go for something simple which looks the best on you.

Plus, more than the dresses, men notice your hair. So, keep them open more often.

8. Give Cryptic Messages

A little mystery can go a long way. This is also a subtle way to flirt and keep them longing for an answer.

Begin an interesting conversation and end it with a cryptic message. You will keep the man wondering throughout the night.

9. Just Some Red Lips

Even if you have no makeup on, just red lips can do more wonders than you can imagine. Simple red lips can brighten up your face and make you look more tempting and hard to resist. 

10. Smell Delicious

Yes, if there is one thing that a man is always noticing, then it is how you smell. The better your fragrance, the more tempting you become.

They will not only notice it when you stand close but also remember it when you are away.

Charm Them!

You do not have to play text tricks and count the number of emojis after you send a HI!

All you need to do is simply charm them with your amazing personality.

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