Of all the retro vehicles that made names for themselves during their time of existence, the Chevrolet K5 Blazer stands out. However, several adverts have been put up on the internet in recent times by several K5 owners, indicating the need to sell their rides. The reason behind this might not be directly known; however, when we consider the features of this vehicle itself, especially during its time of existence, one will agree that those who own Chevrolet K5 can do well to sell their vehicles at this time. The original design was made a four-wheel drive. However, by 1970, the company changed gear by introducing the two-wheel-drive version of The Chevrolet K5 Blazer


The Chevrolet K5 Blazer is a product of General Motors; designed to be a full-size utility sport vehicle. It first came into the market in 1969 and existed for more than two decades, before it was renamed in 1992. K5 blazer was introduced into the market when the automobile industry was competitive. General Motors figured out that the world needed a different taste from the norm, and this was what the company offered that made the K5 blazer stand out. 

Just before the production of this utility sport vehicle, International Harvester Scout and Ford Bronco were already making names for themselves in the industry. The design of Ted Ornas, operating in the International Harvester at that time, was topnotch. Ford also decided to follow suit by designing a ride similar to the Harvester’s design.

However, instead of opting to create a clone of these two vehicles, General Motors decided to turn the other way in its design. Apart from the fact that Chevrolet was looking to create a unique design, they already had other vehicles that would look like Willys Jeep, where both competitors got their inspiration. The International Harvester Scout and Bronco had their vehicles designed to look like agricultural vehicles; the older Chevrolet cars could be modified to look like the modifications.

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With the sole aim of outselling its competitors in the market within a short time, Chevrolet designed the K5 blazer to have a shorter wheelbase truck. It also provided enough room for the interior section while ensuring that the design’s luxury associated with pickup truck use was maintained. The first model of the K5 blazer was designed to have air conditioning and automatic transmission in its design. 

Apart from this, the pickup truck also sold at a lower price than that of its competitors. The Chevrolet K5 Blazer became so high in demand that it was already outselling all of its competitors in the market within a year of its production. This version offered four power plant choices: the 250 straight-6, the 292 straight-6, the 307 V8, and the 350 V8.

The initial design of both versions was such that they had drum brakes incorporated into the four corners. However, the two-wheel-drive has independent front suspension and rear trailing arms, with the incorporation of coil springs in both. The four-wheel-drive, on the other hand, was built to have a solid front axle. It also had leaf springs in its front and rear sections.

Another feature that stood the K5 blazer out was the option given to intending buyers with kind of transmission they could have incorporated into their vehicle. The three-speed automatic transmission turbo hydromatic was made available. The three-speed manual transmission and the four-speed synchromesh manual transmission were also made available.

Intending buyers also had the option to pick the kind of transfer cases they wanted. Although the manual transmission got the larger share of the options available as both the Dana 20 and NP-205 were available, they could choose. Those using the automatic transmission, on the other hand, only had the option of incorporating the NP-205 transfer case. 

The original four-wheel-drive K5 Blazer was designed to be 180 inches long, 79 inches wide, and 72.1 inches high. This was another reason people chose it over Scout and Bronco’s product, which shared equal dimensions, but a considerably smaller than the K5 blazer. During that time, the big dimension made it easier for those who love to travel with several luggage or passengers to opt for the option. 

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The Chevrolet K5 blazer body was designed to be a modified version of the older peers from the same industry. It has an open-top body with a fiberglass top that was designed to be removable. The body’s design allowed for variable sitting options, which were one, two, and five seats. The design also had a lockable lift-up rear gate and telescopic support. This made it possible for individuals who always go hunting to choose the option of the ride.


With all these specifications, one would wonder why anyone would be interested in selling the vehicle at this time. The closest reason behind this is the gain they will make from the sales of the K5 blazer. In October 2019, the company, in a bid to mark its 50th anniversary, decided to design a modified version of the K5 blazer. The only difference was that this new design would have the entire body of a 2018 Chevrolet Tahoe.  

Hence, most people intending to sell their older K5 blazers are doing this because they want to choose the other option. Those who are buying are looking for ways to modify this older version to replace it with the new one.


Placing an ad of the Chevrolet K5 blazer up for sales on the internet is intended to be a win-win situation for both the seller and the buyer. As the seller is making massive gains from its sale and probably hoping to get the modified version, the buyer hopes to keep the classic design and look for ways to modify it.

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