Professional Drivers Wireless Car Charger

Why Professional Drivers Should Get a Wireless Car Charger


The benefits of a wireless car charger go beyond just powering devices. They have become incredibly important assets every professional driver Get a Wireless Charger. Of course, the juicing up reason is the primary motive, but there are also other reasons to consider when purchasing this important gadget.

Today, it’s more surprising to miss a wireless car charger on the dash of a vehicle, rather than finding one. Initially, people only used the wired chargers when in transit. But with the advancement of technology came the introduction of the Qi standard of wireless charging.

Today, most devices utilize this technology when manufacturing wireless charging provisions. Of course, just like any other thing, a wireless car charger has both advantages and disadvantages. But the pros of having it far outweigh the cons. Here are some of the benefits we have researched for you, especially for avid drivers:

Avoid Distractions Using a Wireless Car Charger

No matter your level of experience on the road, you are still vulnerable to distractions. While you’re driving, you have to give it your full concentration. Otherwise, you’ll slam into a wall or endanger the lives of other road users.

The downside of wired chargers is that you can easily get distracted on the road. When you struggle to find the tangled cables and connect them, you risk an accident. Many times, accidents take place due to the loss of concentration. And wired chargers are most likely going to lead to a loss in concentration.

On the flip side, a wireless car charger will help you avoid distractions by its simplicity. Imagine lifting and dropping your phone on the wireless car charger pad whenever you want to boost your device. It’s as simple as that. You no longer need to struggle while in transit.

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Besides, they are great for those who would want to use navigation apps such as maps when driving. Pro drivers understand how important it is to turn your phone into landscape or portrait mode when using these navigation apps.

A Wireless Car Charger Holds the Phone Firmly

No more wobbly rides on your phone when using a wireless car charger. Just ensure that you get the right quality and brand. Most of the ones coming out nowadays are very stable when installed correctly.

You can install the mount on the windshield, AC vent clips, or on the dashboard. The dashboard is often the most common choice for many, closely followed by the windshield. Once you have it ready, it holds your phone strongly by either using magnetism or claws. The phone won’t move at all – even when you go through bumpy and rough terrain.

Every Wireless Car Charger Can Save You When Stranded

A wireless car charger can literally save you when you’re stranded out there. Imagine a scenario where you’re out on the road and have some mechanical trouble. When your phone battery dies, you have no alternative device to use for help. Sometimes, you may not even have a power bank to recharge your device. And that’s where you’ll see the contribution of a wireless car charger. This ensures that your phone is always juiced up for cases like this.

Get Versatility with a Wireless Car Charger

One thing we can all agree on is that a wireless car charger is versatile. It not only charges your device, but also holds it firmly as a mount would do. But recent models have even had more versatile features like a dash cam.

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At first, you may dispute the need to have a dash cam – until an accident occurs. If you’ve ever been in an accident, or know anyone who has, you can affirm that dealing with insurance companies isn’t easy. The same applies to law enforcement officials. You may not have any fault in the accident, but end up carrying the blame.

Most insurance companies and law enforcement agencies, like the police won’t take your word for it. They’ll need you to support your claim with concrete evidence. After all, even a court of law needs the same.

A dash cam on your wireless car charger can be the decision maker and a life saver in case of an accident. It clearly shows whose mistake it was. And you don’t have to struggle with evidence any longer.

The Future of Wireless Car Chargers is Bright for Drivers

One thing that is constant in this world – change. And as surely as change takes place, we will always see new stuff rolling out. There’ve been talks of a wireless car charger that can link the phone to the car’s dashboard screen, through Bluetooth connectivity. How convenient is this for a pro driver?

There are even plans to have a wireless car charger that can work through the controls on the steering wheel controller, or even voice commands. We can only wait and see what’s to come in the future.

Final Thoughts

In quick summary, these are some of the pointers to buying a good wireless car charger as a pro driver. We hope that you now see the need to have it as an accessory inside your vehicle.

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