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10 Interior Designer Styles You Should Try Right Now

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When you’re designing a space, you need to balance practical needs with attractive styles. There are many different interior styles to choose from and the styles most popular are constantly changing with trends. Each interior designer style has its own unique flavour and offers a distinct experience. Whether you’re designing your home on your own or working with a professional, it helps to know what you’re talking about. So, here are 10 interior design styles you should know.

Modern Minimalism

This is a broad design style that celebrates the philosophy of ‘less is more’. It is characterized by open spaces with just a few statement pieces rather than a lot of big and small things. The profiles are clean-lined and simple with Affordable Bathroom Fitters minimal fuss. It also puts an emphasis on functional and visual simplicity. Strip down your space to the basics and make the most efficient use of your space. 


The Scandinavian style is a movement towards functional simplicity and elegance. The style is also known for its affordable. Interior designers like this design style for its warmth and personality. It is characterized by the use of organic materials and clean detailing. The silhouettes are clean lined but softened by rounded edges and joints paired with organic textures. In terms of colours, it’s all about cool blues and gray with a sporadic pop of colour.

Mid-century Modern

This is a style that first became popular just after the Second World War. It echoes the Bauhaus movement and flaunts crisp lines, bold colours and spaces where the outdoors and indoors can interact. This style too feature open plan spaces and puts an emphasis on common areas where families can do things together. In terms of colours, think warm yellow and oranges along with earthy greens and browns. 

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A Bohemian style is well suited to free-spirited people who want their space to express their life philosophy. It’s unique and exuberant in every way possible. The style allows an individual to show off their personal preferences as boldly as they would like. In simple words, the style is cheerful with no apparent coherence in colour palates and silhouttes.


The Rustic interior style is evergreen. It’s ideal for people who love living in the countryside but find homes in the city. A rustic style is characteristically unfinished and has hand-crafted highlights. The colour palate has warm brown tones with whitewashed colour highlights. The silhouettes are solid and chunky and look quite weathered. 


If you want something cool and relaxed, a coastal interior design theme is ideal. It’s fresh and versatile. The design style offers an intrinsically sun-kissed, nautical theme with abundant natural light and a playful contrast of blue and white tones. White wood finishes, driftwood, ropes and seashells are deeply connected to this design style. 

Art Deco

Art Deco is a timeless style known for its elegant compositions and restrained balance. It was born in the 1920s and has been popular ever since. Art Deco is known for its symmetry, angular patterns, bold curves and layered designs. Geometry plays a very important role in this design style. It celebrates lacquered wood finishes, brass fittings and mirror elements.


Industrial style interiors are all about functionality and efficiency. Rather than have walls that cover and hide the pipes and ducts, this style puts them in the spotlight. It celebrates rough textures and the worm-out recycled look. Industrial style homes typically have high ceilings and a lot of wood mixed with metal. Cool colours are popular while a pop of bright red or yellow can brighten up the space. 

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Vintage isn’t the same as just picking up things from the local flea market and giving them a place in your home. This style nods to the 1940s and 50s. It is a mix-and-match aesthetic with a contrast in patterns and motifs and a well-worm profile. The colours characteristic of this style are soft and muted. Think pastels and neutrals. Bright colours are used only as accents.


Zen styled interiors are all about peace and balance. It celebrates harmony and introduces a sense of stillness into the space. In the case of Zen interiors, every line is carefully thought out and placed in the most functional spot. There is no tolerance for extra embellishments or frills. In terms of materials, this style is all about natural woods and fibers woven together with soft colours. 

Interior designers usually have a preference for interior styles. While some may excel at the Bohemian, shabby-chic look, others excel in putting together a minimal, industrial style home. Once you know the style you want your home to flaunt, it’s a good idea to find a designer who has experience designing homes in your chosen style. The best way to find a designer you can trust with your home is to look through their portfolio. 

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