How to sing different genres


All of us have a wonderful singing voice inside us, we just have to work hard enough to find it. And for those of us who have found it, why just keep it limited to a single type or genres?

The path to singing different genres depends on how well you can understand your voice. While there are several commonalities in music types around the world, their singing style remains different. Your voice, accent, everything is influenced by the people around you. You might not even realise you have an accent until you head to another country. However, the uniqueness of your voice is what will help you become a better singer.

While many of us grow up wanting to sing like our favourite singer, it is not how great singers are made. Trying to copy another individual’s voice is not what you were born for. But, getting inspired by them is something we definitely agree with. All those legendary singers have been successful in finding their own voice in different genres. But how can you do so while sitting in the comfort of your home?

Learn breathing techniques:

The most important aspect of being able to sing well is knowing how to control your breathing. The tougher genres are tough because the technique of singing them differs. For example, classical singing requires you to have greater control over your breathing than a pop song. Even a rap song would require you to reach the point of breathlessness. You need to ensure that you have enough control over your voice so that you can control the pitch seamlessly.

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Be consistent:

Practising different genres for a month and then giving up would not get you the desired result. You need to consistently warm up your vocals so that they can get used to different singing types. When you want a good voice, your singing needs to be effortless throughout the song. Whether it is the powerful chorus or just a verse, you need to be consistent with your pitch, tone, and volume throughout the song. And all of this will come in only through consistent practice.

Vocal placement:

Singing can get very technical at times. Especially when you want to juggle between genres. Vocal placement comes in handy during such situations. The placement of sound inside your mouth is the key to mastering different singing genres. For example, when you wish to create a dull and covered sound, the back of your mouth is where the sound should be placed. For an engaging sound, the front of the mouth is where you should bring the vocals.

Don’t copy:

A rookie mistake is trying to imitate established singers. Each singer has his own voice that needs to be embraced so that the true essence of it can come out. When you try to copy someone else, you lose that essence of your own singing. We understand that sometimes trying out different genres can get tough. But, copying someone else is not the key to accomplishing the task. Wait for your own voice to reach its potential. It might take time, but it will be worth it.

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Get a teacher:

The opinion of an experienced professional is of great value when it comes to singing. A teacher can guide you towards the right path when things become a little haywire. Their experience and presence in the industry can help you a ton when you go through a tiring process of learning different genres.

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