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Career options for architecture graduates in India


What is architecture?

Architecture is a method of designing, planning, and constructing buildings. An architect does most of the work, starting from building designs and layouts to planning, and plays a crucial role in economic development, as well as infrastructural development in a country. An architect builds beautiful buildings and layouts, and structures. 

A person with a master’s or bachelor’s degree in architecture has a lot of demand who can make a huge difference in Infrastructural growth. Urbanization in India in the last few years has increased, and it has expanded the demand for infrastructural development. Due to this, the Indian architecture industry offers immense career options for architecture graduates.  Join free online coaching classes for architecture exams.

Every planned development we find around ourselves is a work from an architect. The office, buildings, institutions, parks, factories, malls, theaters facilitate our lives every day and all created by architecture. Let’s see what the career options for architecture graduates in India are.

Career options for an architect

The role of an architect includes spatial design, safety management, material management, and several others. The job of an architecture professional is to understand the client’s vision, requirements, and budget and take steps to come up with the best design. An architect is a great problem solver who possesses great vision and expression. After graduating, an architect can choose varieties of options such as.

  • Interior designer

An interior designer’s job is to create aesthetically pleasing interiors and spaces. After graduating in architecture, the individual can go for interior designer career options. Interior designers work for large corporations, homes, hotels, and mansions. The interior designer is responsible for creating spaces that are functional, attractive, and safe while meeting the requirements of the client. The Interior designer field has a huge scope, and it is blooming with the increasing demand for the good interior. Interior designer has a huge Demand in India, and it will increase more with increasing urbanization.

  • Architect

It is one of the most obvious career options for an architecture graduate. This job is in high demand in India. In this job, you will get an opportunity to improve people’s lives with your creativity. As an architect, you will work closely with the client to design new buildings or to remodel the existing ones. 


There are building architecture who design buildings and landscape architecture, which is responsible for planning, designing, and managing the open space. Apart from that, you can opt for naval architecture that designs ships and marine vessels. The scope for an architect in India is huge, so this is one of the most popular career options for an architecture graduate in India.

  • Architecture engineer

After completing your graduation in architecture, you can choose architecture engineer as well. But this is only for the people who have the dual qualification of architect and civil engineer. This career option is new for architecture graduates, and these professionals have high demand in the Indian job market.

  • Architecture designer

Architecture designers are the architects who design houses and other small buildings. They perform jobs like designing buildings, light-frame buildings, family homes, and agricultural buildings. These are the duties of the architectural designer, and it also includes designing malls and big or small buildings. The architecture designers are responsible for making spaces look attractive and efficient. The scope for architecture designers in India is great, so the architecture graduates can opt for this career option.

  • Urban designer

An urban designer is a professional who is responsible for planning every part do the city. An urban designer takes care of the big and small buildings and also the public transportation system, public parks, streets, and landscaping. This is one of the best career options for an architecture graduate in India.

Apart from that, there are various job opportunities for the architecture graduate, such as architectural model maker, architectural photographer, architectural journalist, and lighting designer, that offer a great salary in India. Attempt Free Mock Tests for Architecture Entrance Exams.

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There are various career opportunities for architecture in India, and each job is equally important. Before choosing a career option, the individual must have a passion for it. There is huge scope for all these job options. As the Infrastructural growth in India is growing rapidly, it will surely bring many opportunities for the architecture graduates.

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