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Dr. Jignesh Kothari’s Invisible Braces clinic is at a prime location in the city of Mumbai in India. Being the best dental implants in Mumbai, we offer unique and pleasant experiences, paired with the highest standard of dental care and treatment. That is exactly why patients needn’t go elsewhere. 

Many people are afraid to visit a dental clinic because of the fear of pain and anxiety. But with our ever-friendly staff and dentists, we put in all our efforts on all fronts to help such patients who visit us for any sort of dental issue. 

With much advancement in dentistry and the emergence of what wasn’t heard of earlier but is quite famous now, namely cosmetic dentistry, you will be amazed as to how it works. There is a solution for every dental issue because of cosmetic dentistry. 

Right from alignment of the teeth to teeth whitening to replacing missing teeth, cosmetic dentistry is the right choice for you. And with the right doctor treating you, there is absolutely nothing to worry about.

As braces are popular among children and even among adults now (with the newly emerged technique of Invisalign aka clear aligners), another restorative yet helpful, in the long run, cosmetic dentistry procedure is dental implants. 

Dental implants are the best option available today for replacement of missing teeth. Many times, people lose teeth due to injuries, accidents, etc. These dental implants are to help such people get new teeth for replacement sakes.

An implant is a titanium screw, which after fusion within the jawbone helps give support to the tooth crown. Thereafter, an artificial tooth is made to resemble the rest of your natural teeth. So you don’t have to worry about a thing. By getting dental implants, you not only improve your smile but also your speech and bite. 

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At Invisible Braces, we use the best and renowned dental implant systems in the world. By doing so, we help suit the needs of every patient. 

Dental implants can be done for a single tooth, multiple teeth and even for the entire mouth. 

It isn’t quite a painful procedure. The implant procedure takes as long as a few months but requires the complete fusion of the screw within the jawbone. 

Only then can an abutment be placed (osseointegration is the name of this part of the procedure) within it to allow the implant to join inside.

Suppose the fusion isn’t successful, a bone graft is done to allow sufficient bone to support the implant. 

Such implant procedures can be expensive, but it depends on the number of implants and whether or not bone grafting is required. 

The key to getting dental implants without any issues is to be lucky enough to have healthy gums and jawbones. This allows you to skip the grafting process (which cuts short the time taken and even your stress). 

Here are the benefits of the getting dental implants:

  • Enhances your appearance 
  • Provides confidence 
  • Improve self-esteem 
  • Protects the other teeth
  • Have a tremendous success rate  
  • Quite reliable 
  • Long-lasting 

Dental implants are thoroughly painless and are carried out under local anesthesia. Post the procedure, slight pain or swelling is experienced. It is easy to maintain implants with brushing, flossing and check-ups on regular basis. 

We work on every individual’s case taking into consideration their expectations, budget, time period, etc.

At our clinic, get the best dental implant services ever with suited budgets and advanced world-class systems. Our dentists are professionally trained to perform dental implant surgeries. 

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Thinking about getting implants? 

Contact us today to book your appointment. 

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