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France Will Ban Heated Terraces in Bars and Cafes Post Pandemic


The government of France is looking into environmental measures; the recent one was by banning heated terraces for bars and cafes. Barbara Pompili, the Ecology Minister stated that outdoor heating or cooling was an “ecological aberration”. The ban will not come to force till winters as restaurants industry have been badly hit by coronavirus pandemic.

All air-conditioned and heated buildings that are open to the public need to keep their doors closed for energy efficiency. The ecologist also said that shop owners should not try to air-condition the streets during summers by keeping the doors open. It is a common tactic that attracts customers to come inside to keep away from the heat. He also said that the terraces should not use heater during winters. They can offer coffee to their customers to keep warm.

According to trade groups, more than 75% of restaurants and cafes in Paris have heated terraces. Some of the French cities have already banned this practice. However, Anne Hidalgo, the Mayor of Paris, refused to do so. According to the Mayor, it will be a huge blow to the businesses.

Citizens’ Convention

Ms. Pompili stated that the officials will talk to the owners about ways of implanting measures after the winter season. The ecologist was appointed by Jean Castex, the new Prime Minister. He pledges to provide $23 million for climate-related issues as per the 100 million-pound plan for reviving the economy from the pandemic.

Measures announced by Pompili were proposed by 150 members of the Citizens’ Convention on Climate, which was held by Emmanuel Macron, the President. The meeting happened last year and involved random members of the public. They also included developing two natural parks and one national nature reserve.

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The owners of such buildings will be encouraged to improve insulation and will be stopped from using coal or oil-burning furnaces. However, there will be some limits on the developments towards the rural areas.

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