Biodiversity Has An Effect

How Biodiversity Has An Effect On Your Jeans?


Not everyone thinks about how the clothes they’re buying can affect the environment and jeans especially can have an effect on biodiversity. In the world we live in today, fast fashion and the clothes industry can be pinpointed for causing some damage to the environment. Some brands are working harder and proactively to find environmentally friendly alternatives. Here are some ways biodiversity has an effect on your jeans… 

What is biodiversity? 

In a nutshell, biodiversity is the different kinds of outside life that can be found in one place, this can include animals, fungi, plants and microorganisms. All these types of life need to be protected as they make up the world and primarily our ecosystems. Everyone of them works together to support life and keep it balanced. Ecosystems supply oxygen, water, air, pollination of plants and pest control. Some of us have hobbies like hiking and fishing that rely on biodiversity. Unfortunately, biodiversity is currently struggling with a crisis and sadly humans are to blame for this, especially the fashion industry. 

There are some ways we can limit negative effects of biodiversity and our environment, selecting clothes that are eco friendly is a great start. For example, if you are searching for a new pair of jeans, you can go for a brand that is conscious towards the environment when making Bootcut Jeans for Women

The effect a simple pair of jeans has on biodiversity 

It’s wise to consider where you’re sourcing your new pair of jeans because the fashion industry in particular is a significant contributor to biodiversity loss. This is down to the natural resources that are used and the pollution output and water contamination that unfortunately has a bad effect on the environment. Some brands are working towards lowering their negative waste to stop affecting the environment so much. 

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When it comes to jeans, they are usually made from cotton and in the process of making they will have been in contact with pesticides, insecticides and water. Conventional cotton and toxic chemicals that are used to colour the jeans are released into water, and this is how nature is being affected. To start making conscious production decisions, you should research companies before buying from them. 

What steps are brands taking to become more conscious and less toxic? 

Fashion brands that are becoming more aware of their impact on the environment are focusing on water and Co2 and trying to measure the effect they’re having. Look out for companies that use recycled denim or other materials as this is another way to help the environment. You can also do your bit by finding jeans that are durable and likely to last you a long-time, avoid fast fashion at all costs and you will feel good for doing your bit. 

Now you know exactly what biodiversity is, if you didn’t already… You can see how fashion has a lasting impact on our environment and how important it is to think about where you’re buying your new clothes from. Go for the more conscious brands if you’re looking to positively impact the environment, the more people that do this, the better it will be for our ecosystems. Making small changes leads to big results in the long-run. 


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