How to Choose Perfect Sunglasses According to Face Type?


Should you just walk into a sunglass store and pick up anything that catches your eye just because you find it trendy-looking or because there is a great deal on offer? The truth is before shopping for sunglasses, whether you wish to shop online or at a brick and mortar store, you must do the proper research beforehand. And this includes learning more about what kind of face type you have and which sunglass shape complements it the best. When it comes to sunglasses there is no one-size-fits-all type. There are glasses for every face shape and if you are not careful you may just end up spending a fortune on a pair of sunglasses too big for face or one that is too small for your face structure.

Whether you want aviator, wayfarer, cat eye, round, wraparound, pilot, oversized, butterfly-shaped or single lens sunglasses, you can get exciting price-cuts with a SmartBuyGlasses coupon. To get a wide variety of designs, colors, and shapes to suit your face and complexion, you could shop for sunglasses of top quality and affordable prices at Zeelool with a Zeelool coupon from Don’tPayAll. Here are the perfect sunglasses for your face type:

  • Round Face: When you have a round-shaped face you need to make it appear longer and this is why choosing dark frames is wise. This helps to narrow down the face and make the contours appear oval in shape. A round face will have less-defined angles and more noticeable curves; this is why the perfect glass for this kind of face shape is one which will focus on the angular lines and not curved features. It will visually lengthen the face, making it look sharper and thinner. The best types are rectangular, square, shield and wrap glasses, cat eye and butterfly-shaped glasses, wayfarers and aviators. If you have a round face you must stay away from narrow frames and round glasses, glasses having sharp edges or geometric shapes, glasses covering eyebrows and with colored lenses, etc.
  • Oval Face: With an oval face you have almost no reason to worry because almost all kinds of sunglasses look good on it. The trick is never to choose a frame that will interfere with the face’s harmonious proportions. So, you should never choose very large frames and research specifically on sunglasses for oval face female when you are a woman with oval face shape. Since oval faces are gently rounded and have even features, almost any frame can complement it. You must remember to choose frames that cover your face from cheekbones to eyebrows. The best choices in sunglasses would be a butterfly, aviator, cat eye, etc. You need to avoid large frames and glasses having sharp edges, extra wide glasses, and those with narrow frames.
  • Square Face: This face shape has almost the same width and length and typically accompanied by a wide forehead and sharp jawline. The best sunglasses for a square-shaped face would be oval or round-shaped ones that can ease the sharpness in facial features and offer a balanced appearance. Therefore, butterfly, aviator, and round frames work best for a square face and you may choose large frames, colored frames, oval and round-shaped frames. etc. However, you must refrain from buying small and narrow frames or glasses where frames are wider than the face.
  • Rectangular Face: Rectangular or oblong face shapes have length and these are narrow in general. There are fewer angles and this is why oversized glasses look best on them. So, a wayfarer with thick frames can be an excellent choice as it adds width to the face. Another alternative is a pair with deep or tall lenses or vintage-styled frames as the bold lines and sharp angles in these offer the rectangular face an edge and help to sharpen the soft features. The best choices would be wayfarers, wraps and shields, and large framed glasses. When you have such a face cut you must not choose small glasses, colorful frames, or narrow frames.
  • Heart Face: When you have this face-shape you need to make the lower portion appear bulkier to balance the upper part. So, you must never choose massive frames as these will only make your upper face look bulkier. Your job is to select a pair that is as wide as your face, preferably a tear-drop design. So, the aviator is the best type of sunglass for this face type. The heart shape is often called the triangular-shaped face and this would be broad at the temples and narrow at the chin. If you have a heart-shaped face you must not choose glasses having pointy outlines, large or heavy frames, and those covering eyebrows.
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Once you have learned your face type you must not wait around any longer to make a decision. Get the latest coupons from Zeelool and SmartBuyGlasses available on sites like Don’tPayAll and buy the perfect sunglass that money can buy!


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