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6 Tips to Get Better at Live Streaming for Business


Live streaming for business? The idea may sound superficial to those who believe live streams are just for sports events and news. However, MediaKicks informs that 35% of marketers already use live streaming effectively as they know the worth it can bring to a brand.

Take an example of Sierra Designs that manufacture outdoor equipment for camping and hiking. Their marketing team managed to bring a 200-300% revenue gain by live streaming videos of product demos.

Today, live streaming has become a frequently used marketing tactic. Brands use it to stream events, talks, and product launches. Even educational institutes, churches, and news outlets use live streaming to reach more people.

Live streaming is a simple process that allows a meaningful connection with your audience in real-time. According to Livestream, 80% of consumers prefer to watch live videos from a brand than read a blog. So, if you’re not doing live streams already, you’re losing a lot of audiences.

Here are a few tips for nailing live streaming for your business:

1. Focus on quality

If you’re new to the world of live streaming and are thinking of ways on how to get better at live streaming, then here is your answer. The first thing to ensure is the quality of equipment.

It is very important to use high-quality equipment when doing professional live-stream. There is a checklist of a few items that ensure quality live streaming. It includes cameras, a good Wi-Fi connection, and a high-quality audio system coupled with a sound mixer.

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The purpose of going live is to promote your brand, so anything short of high quality will have a negative impact. Live streaming requires special equipment for audio and video, as well as setup of encoder settings.

2. Plan by creating a loose video script

Awkward pauses during a live stream can be quite a bummer for your audience. There is a chance that most of them will leave the session immediately after getting hints of cluelessness.

To avoid such scenarios, always keep a loose idea in the form of a script when doing a live video. Not only will it save you time and keep the stream organized, but it will also keep the audience engaged the whole time. Livestream reports that 67% of viewers who watched a live stream bought a ticket to a similar event the next time it took place.

3. Promote your live session well

Most people prefer live stream to stay up to date with relevant issues and topics. The data in the image below gives a glimpse of it.

live streaming

You need to promote your live stream well ahead of time to gain viewership. Attracting the audience with an exciting email newsletter or a social media announcement is highly suggested.

This can turn into a chance of generating leads as you can let the interested viewers register for your live stream. You can also design catchy posts and well-written emails to make sure it captivates your audience for the upcoming streaming event.

4. Choose a platform with CDN to host live streaming

No one can deny that Facebook Live, Instagram Live, and YouTube Live are some of the best live streaming platforms. But, they are consumer-quality platforms which may affect the quality that a professional live stream requires.

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It is better to choose a live stream platform with a content delivery network (CDN). Having a CDN allows your live video to reach the audience faster. It also gives the advantage of less buffering and advanced technical support if anything goes wrong.

5. Give the customers an inside scoop via live stream

When it comes to audience engagement, behind-the-scenes (BTS) scoops are a powerful way to make them feel connected and keeping them engaged. When they get an idea that there are humans like them behind your brand, they get fascinated.

When looking for ideas on what to stream live, you can post live videos of interviews with the management, lower-level staff, and even customer feedback to engage your viewers. People love to know how their favorite product is made. Some inside scoop of production, quality control, and packaging can also be exciting.

6. Engage your audience with compelling content

Live videos do not have appealing visual effects like recorded videos to hook the viewer. So, make sure you compensate it by providing exciting content. If possible, answer each of the audiences’ comments to engage them further.

You can add a bit of humor and fun facts as well to engage your audience. It may compel them to share your live stream with their friends and family (bonus point there).

Ideally, your audience should be with you from beginning to end. Hence, you must make every second valuable by working out a plan. 

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Final Thoughts

The impact of live videos on a brand’s ROI is enormous, as proven by several brands that attempted this strategy. However, the quality of video and your content determine the success of your live-stream. With focus and practice, you can get better at leveraging live streaming for your business’ growth.


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