How to make a business card

How to make a business card


A business card site is a web resource for attracting the audience’s attention to a brand, person, service, product, or something else. In support of any commercial activity, it is worth publishing a business card site. Clinic, lawyer, event organizer, photographer, builder, travel agency, auto repair shop, developer, designer, model, cleaning service, beauty salon – a tiny fraction of examples of niches that can and should be promoted using a business card site, including.

What does all this give? The site improves the reputation of the business, popularizes it, increases profitability by attracting new customers. Once created, it will continuously work for the good of the company or promote a personal brand. Investing time and money in creating a business card pays off very quickly.

A business card website is profitable and even interesting to do on your own. This is the simplest type of site. Having received a good site-building tool in your hands, you will do everything in the best possible way in a couple of days or a week. You will be proud of yourself. And the main thing is to know how everything works there. You can quickly add and update information as necessary.

The best engines for self-creation of a small website

There are a lot of website builders suitable for creating business cards. But, as in any field, among them, there are more or less acceptable solutions in terms of a set of signs. For example, we have chosen the TOP-7 proven services to help you easily and effectively cope with the task posed from different angles. Moreover, they all have an affordable cost. Price/quality in its class.

For those who wish to work on their hosting and fully manage the process, we have added WordPress to the selection. It is perfect for creating business cards of any complexity and focus. It is relatively easy to learn and convenient to accompany the project. Well, it is free in itself, although you have to pay for hosting, which is natural.

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uKit – the best website builder for business cards

uKit is the most popular Russian website builder for business. Ideal for entrepreneurs, small businesses, industry professionals, creatives, freelancers. It is positioned as a platform for creating business cards, portfolio sites, and landing pages. Has an almost perfect set of functions to accomplish these tasks. A huge number of beautiful built-in templates, broken down by topics from various industries, a convenient visual editor, advanced options for customizing the page structure, and a large number of content elements that can be added to them. Price lists, calculators for calculating the cost of goods and services, tables, reviews, online consultants, shopping carts, showcase, and other useful chips. All of this is it.

Working with the engine, you don’t need any coding knowledge at all. Just choose a template that best suits your activity’s theme, replaces the demo data with your own, slightly tweaks the structure/design to your liking. Nothing complicated. All actions on the site can be performed with the mouse because it uses a cool visual editor.

The interface serves as a model of intuitive perception – even an inexperienced user is unlikely to have questions about what, where, and how. The system leads the user’s hand from start to finish. Moreover, after registration, you will already fill in a good part of the information for the site going through the steps.

WordPress is the most popular CMS for a business card site.

WordPress is a profitable engine. It is free, relatively simple, and in demand, attracting new templates and plugin developers. The user gets a serviceable tool with great potential.

When choosing a good hosting, the installation and configuration procedure will be automated. It remains to create a database and specify its name during installation. When using hosting, you will receive a domain as a gift. Thus, in 5 minutes after authorization, you will have the latest WordPress version ready to work on the selected domain. The complexity of the entry has gone not far from the constructors. Hosting does almost everything automatically with your permission. There is almost no technical routine.

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In general, we are sympathetic to Bluehost ( detailed review ). Because:

  • Works quickly and reliably thanks to a large distributed network of data centers worldwide and the use of Cloudflare CDN technology. As a result, regardless of the user’s physical location, the site hosted by this hoster is loaded with lightning speed.
  • A successful admin panel, which presents options and opportunities that are difficult for beginners.
  • The tariffs give a bunch of SSD disk space, 50 GB here is the minimum;
  • Bullet resistance. No complaints from competitors, government agencies, and enemies will close your site. Pressure on the hoster doesn’t work here. Your interest as a client is above others’ claims.
  • This hosting that WordPress developers have been recommending for 15 years for use in conjunction with their engine. Showcase partnership.
  • Normal prices. $ 2.95 per month is enough to pay for a special WP-plan, which was discussed above. Domain and SSL are loaded—good price for convenience and reliability.

WIX – Best Templates for Creative Portfolio Sites

Wix is one of the top-rated business card builders out there. It attracts with the outstanding quality of the templates, the beauty of the editor, and decent features. The latter will help to expand the built-in application store – AppMarket. You can add a huge number of widgets for various purposes to the pages, customize their appearance, functionality, positions, and more. Half of the platform’s capacity is enough to create a bright business card.

Wix has flexible design customization tools. You can adapt almost any element on the page to suit your taste and task, add effects, animations, icons, and other customizable graphics—a very convenient and functional image editor. You don’t need Photoshop to process your images. So, everything you need can be done right in the Wix control panel after filling the file: adjust the size, color parameters, crop, add effects. Many people will like the editor’s support for standard keyboard shortcuts – their use speeds up work. You can also work with your site through a branded mobile application.

For creating business websites (business cards NOT portfolios), Wix offers “Ascend,” a platform concept of applications that turn a dashboard into a virtual office. Interact with visitors, process requests, mail, notifications, build marketing networks, and much more – all this allows a set of built-in applications. The constructor allows you to conduct business online efficiently and comfortably.

Ucraft – business card website builder for creative people

Firstly, Ucraft is a beginner-friendly constructor with a visual editor. So, you can test all features for free for 14 days. Immediately after entering the editor, the system will provide a step-by-step plan for creating a site containing links to interactive lessons on implementing certain possibilities. So, you can always come back to this checklist to check if you missed anything. This is very convenient and partly guarantees a complete result for beginners.

There are about 70 ready-made templates in the system; they are constantly updated. Moreover, new options replace old ones over time. The developers do not store previous versions of layouts, but try to keep the assortment more or less up-to-date. Therefore, there are not so many ready-made designs – rotation takes place. All of them are responsive, modern looking, easy to edit.

Ucraft allows you to create multilingual sites, having the simplest and most logical interface in this respect. Also, all tariffs provide the possibility of selling digital and ordinary goods – the store module here is full-fledged, practically not inferior to the profile eCommerce engines. All customer data is automatically fed into the built-in CRM system.

The engine is suitable for teamwork. You can add collaborators to collaborate on projects. There are a built-in logo designer and design tools for creating sections with a unique structure for any task. That is, you can build a site from scratch using only the sections you create yourself.

Pop-ups will attract additional attention of customers – the engine has a flexible built-in tool for creating/configuring/displaying pop-ups. With their help, you can solve many problems: return customers, thank you for a purchase, offer additional goods/services, make announcements, etc.

Divly – “turnkey” business card website development

Diving is a web studio with affordable prices. It is designed in the format of an online service with a personal account, from which you can monitor the status of the order. So, you can create a business card site, store, or blog with various functionality based on uKit, uCoz, and calc ( online calculator for the site ). There are services for SEO-optimization, promotion of contextual advertising, and the development of graphic materials.

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A website will be made for you under the specified wishes, technical specifications. Improvements are possible up to the stage until you are satisfied with the result.

You can contact Dively for any task, not just business cards. So, the guys are quick, they ask for money in moderation, they do well, they listen to the wishes and claims of clients to work. You can collaborate without fear.

How to create a business card website yourself?

You will need a website builder or CMS WordPress as the most simple and suitable platform in its class. To begin with, it’s worth considering what will be on your site. So, information about the company or you personally, description of services/products, advantages of the offer, prices, some certificates and licenses, tables, photos, videos, and, possibly, something else. Firstly, it depends on the type of activity – you know better what you need. So, the more you describe the important points in more detail, the more precisely, the more interesting you show the benefits of cooperation with you, the better. Get more hits.

We will offer several successful constructor options ( just above ). So , you can read their full reviews or test them right away. Whatever you choose, the sequence of steps for creating a business card in them will be similar. After that, the WordPress option is slightly different. However, simplify the CMS approach, choose a hosting with a tariff plan optimized for this engine – the best option, recognized by the WordPress developers themselves, is the Bluehost hosting provider. So, if you want to work with this system, go directly to the hosting site and get everything you need there.

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Step-by-step instruction

Let’s say you have already selected the engine and registered in it. What to do after that? Let’s layout a step-by-step action plan, which is largely true for WordPress because the meaning of the process is the same:

  • Choose a template from a set of predefined options. It is desirable that the most relevant to the topic is to edit it for yourself, replacing the demo content with your data. So, you can preview our selection of the best examples of business card sites.
  • Fill out the general site settings: name, description, region, connect social media accounts, and stuff like that.
  • Correct the page structure if necessary. Add the necessary widgets, remove unnecessary ones, customize their appearance. In general, customize page layouts to suit your needs.
  • Customize your website design. Choose a background, logo, element colors, fonts, and everything else from this series.
  • Add content to the resulting structure. Fill in your titles, upload photos, articles, contact details, and more. Fill the site, in general, make it your own.
  • Buy and attach the desired domain to the site. This can usually be done directly in the designer’s control panel (see instructions on how to do this in the Wix Designer). On WordPress hosting, such a service, of course, will also be available. You will also receive a domain from Bluehost as a gift even before starting work on the site, in the folder with its name, and the CMS will be installed.
  • Fill in SEO settings, connect analytics from Google and Yandex. This is necessary to view statistics on visitor behavior and promotion in search engines.


In general, the most difficult thing that awaits you when working on a website is filling it with content. So, Periodic advertising of services in social networks and on other channels for attracting customers. It takes consistency. Technically, creating a website is easy. If you have absolutely no desire to do this, then contact Divly – they will help, make a business card inexpensively, and set everything up.

In general, the best option for creating a business website is uKit, for a portfolio – Wix, for complex corporate sites – uCoz, for event sites – Nethouse. It is convenient for developers to use Weblium, for beginners and designers – Ucraft. And WordPress is equally good for everything, but you have to tinker a little with the choice and configuration of hosting/plugins. The price of the issue in all cases will keep within $ 5 / month.

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