Small Coffee Bean Business

5 Tips to Help You Grow Your Small Coffee Bean Business


A particularly promising confluence of events makes the artisanal coffee business seem full of potential. Many people love coffee and they especially look for unique brands that offer a rewarding experience. The cost of a cup of coffee away from home continues to rise, making it more likely that consumers will make their favorite brew at home. If you are among the growing number of coffee packaging companies, you might want to consider these five tips to leverage the power of quality packaging:

  1. Reach for customer engagement
  2. Look into sustainable methods
  3. Consider convenience and versatility
  4. Emphasize brand recognition
  5. Prioritize product differentiation

At the minimum, quality packaging for staples such as tea and coffee should place a premium on freshness. Strong and durable packaging will do this and it can be accomplished in a flexible format with mylar bags that lockout damaging moisture. For coffee, quality, freshness and increased shelf life can be ensured with a degassing valve that allows harmful carbon dioxide to escape.

Custom Packaging Solutions

In a competitive field, you want to use the best practices out there for your packaging. Custom packaging ensures that you have the right package size and materials for your product. With an option of lay flat pouches, roll stock and stand up pouches, you can select the container that is optimal for your product. Smart flexible packaging gives you more chances to connect with your customers, building a sense of brand loyalty that delivers more repeat customers.

Small companies have traditionally found it hard to match the quality and price advantages of large corporations, but with digital printing technology, all of that is changing. Now you don’t need to make large orders for packaging but can take advantage of low orders without the burdensome cost of setup and plate fees. This takes away the worry of product spoilage and obsolescence, which can cut your profits.

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You also can realize more chances for customer engagement by using interactive packaging. This has almost unlimited applications, ranging from providing valuable information on your packages to offering reward points through the use of QR codes.

Standing Out From Competitors

The last thing you want is for your coffee or tea product to sit on the shelf and look like all the rest. Fortunately, there are many ways your product can stand out, from exceptional graphics and photo images to readable content that tells a story or offers preparation tips. You can customize the packaging to take advantage of seasonal events or to promote a type of coffee that is only available at certain times.

If you have a passion for sustainability, you can appeal to customers who seek to shop responsibly by cutting down on energy use and landfill use. The growing availability of recycled pouch packaging shows your clients that eco-friendly packaging is important to your company. It is another vital way to show that your company is different from the competition.

Your coffee or tea business is primed for growth. The right packaging solutions can be a part of that success.

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